Caged Chicks

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  1. "Caged Chicks", well, at least they don't lie 🙂

  2. Are they into BDSM too?

  3. No! You can't have one!... Because you say you'll take care of it and the next thing you know I'll be feeding it, and taking it for walks... And your mother would not approve!

  4. F&#@ PETA they kill more animals than they save ....

  5. are they for sale?

  6. This is so mixed metaphor it's not effective....

  7. Another PETA ruse?

    I found a caged animal, abandoned on the side of the road looking all sad... I'd probably take it home...

    What are we meant to do in this case? :s

  8. The only problem...Chickens don't wear clothes!!!

  9. Hmmm where can I get a couple of cages of chicks LOL

  10. I wanna be caged too
    ( With these chicks that is)

  11. Three quarter naked young females in cages.......hmmm
    They might be feeling good about what they think they represent but this can only be described as de humanizing females too the point of sexual slavery..... do all the men agree ? Beware what message you really give too people ladies..the subcontious human mind is extremely suggestible

  12. PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals

  13. 1.Cloacal, or vent sexing, was the first method perfected and is the oldest method used today to sex day-old chicks. Although this method is not easy to accomplish, with proper training and experience, the individual performing this method can generally get positive results. This method involves examining the baby chick's vent, located under its tail, looking for a genital organ. If the genital organ is present in the vent, it will resemble a small pimple and the chick is a rooster.
    In other words, squeeze it's tummy 'till sh*t flies out. If anything else pops out, it's a male - throw it back. If not, then you have a genuine female chick which will be legal in 17 years & 364 days...
    PS Cloacal is a 7 letter word for a dual purpose orifice and you're much too young to be told about either one. However, you'll never hear a chicken say "wrong hole" to any rooster

  14. All the lovely yellow chicken. Like to have them all in my house!

  15. can we have them?

  16. I think they're hot. I want the one in the Yellow. There's something to be said for "Chicks in cages" you know. Some people would say, what are ya going to do with them, let 'em roam around on their own?? Chicks need to be caged, or else they'll learn to vote or something.

  17. Holyshit!!.....THAT is my fantasy!!....

    Ive always wanted to keep one in a cage and feed them alpo......dirty and stinking, but yet still sexy!!....

    Oh, and she would have to be a brunette.....with green eyes.....

    Nothing better than a brunette with green eyes.....

  18. LOL

  19. Send them to me. I'll take care of them!

  20. Nice chicks................ they can lay eggs

  21. OMG.. take those chicks from the cage... quick.........

  22. why are they in cage. so sweet girls. i wish i could have done something

  23. aha, this is what woman's right looks like!!
    thank god im not from a country that trade women like this.

  24. All you anti-PETA fools just don't like your hypocrisy challenged. Get over yourselves. The goals PETA is trying to achieve with campaigns likes these are to get people's attention and hopefully make them think. Obviously the first part has worked, unfortunately, the second part is a lot harder and too many people (apparently like most of the commenters here) are not capable of thinking. ...At least not when it comes to actually examining your morals instead of just trying to come up with half-witted justification for your lack of them.

  25. sent them to IRAQ !!!

  26. This is simply crazy - permisiveness, freedom or self slavery. The caged chicks better engage in better vices that can help humanity.


  28. Not in good taste.

  29. allah yo akhbar !!!!!!!!! hide thou & seek for thee's.!!!
    I will halal the caged birds so my brothers can have clean meat.

  30. Listen Veovis, what you have to understand is that though they are attempting to enlighten those of us who like to eat eggs for breakfast, of inhumane animal treatment, these girls have put themselves into a very precarious position. The commenters on this page are proof that these girls have erred. They got attention alright, but the wrong kind. Want serious results, do serious work. Having that said, I'll take the blonde on this end. ;P

  31. so hot!

  32. disgusting, seems like we have nothing more to say except criticizing them. if we cant help them, let them work.

  33. Beautiful !!!

  34. Considering how long they have been in there....

  35. lol PETA.. GREAT at getting attention, TERRIBLE at conveying their point to the masses. What they don't seem to understand is that we humans eat meat, and it's a natural thing for us. So when they try to reach us on a primal level with stunts like this, we subconsciously bypass the whole "no eating meat thing", as it doesn't make subconscious sense, and go to that other natural urge: realizing that half-naked, hot chicks need babies in em!

  36. I'm all for animals, but if you're going to back PETA, you should check and see how many dogs they have tried to kill. Do your research and find it if you think im wrong.

  37. I wish if i was there feeding them in their mouth

  38. hi every body,

    i hope all of you people are fine and well...
    but i cant understand why these girls put themselves in the cage....
    thats not good i think that the girls they want thier right from the Govt, or the Private Company... Plz from my side i am with girls because maybe have some problem that's why they put themselves in the cage......
    Girl's don't disappoint Ok Everything will be okey. Allah Knows Best.... 🙂

    thanks !

  39. shame it ain't raining

  40. just release them..

  41. Speechless! wat ever point they are provin has gone wrong. wat have we become?

  42. Poorly expressed sensationalism.

    For 30+ Years my philosophy on eating was simple: ABC (Anything But Chicken) - so I understand and approve of the thought they *tried* to express.

    PETA just doesn't get it any more though. They used to do good things for animal lovers and stood on solid ethics, but it has been a long, long time since they could be taken seriously. Their fanaticism and extremist activities serve only to draw ridicule.

    So it's funny - but not funny enough to send a message worth hearing.

  43. release them..

  44. the assumption is that a chicken's life is as valuable as a human's life. Recently dolphins have been given "non-human person status," which is great (they're really smart). However, a chicken is nothing like a human. They should be cared for before they are eaten or used for their eggs, but anything beyond that is ridiculous. I get the "caged woman" fantasy, joking, and harassment thing... ha ha very fracken funny, but I will not be trolled. We get it - all of us do (well maybe expect a couple of you :s) ... point is - they are just chickens, and they wouldn't even exist in such high numbers if we didn't eat them. They are raised to be eaten, we have assigned that role to them.

  45. if you can say you dont want one and mean it either you are a women or are gay

  46. If they are trying to protest caged chickens, they need to get much smaller cages. but that would probably to uncomfortable for the young women. As a side note, I agree the blond on the right looks tasty, and the new KFC recipe is delicious.

  47. Do ya want fries with that??? I also hope they're into BDSM! The blond on the right would have a nice place on my farm, in the barn, next to my cock! Ladies I think you're right, but face it, men won't take u serious as long as keep lookin pretty fine in those cages! You're most likely to start something than end one!

  48. lol out of all these comments, Rakier's was definitely the best to me.
    and daaamm thats kinky.

  49. woman should protest more often...

  50. Rapaz! Num sei porque não aparece essas coisas aqui no Brasil?! Se tiver a venda; eu compro! RIsos....

  51. wow how much price
    Considering how long they have been in there....

  52. this creatures are dangerous! they look very cute but have evil minds... avoid them

  53. you all are pretty much dirty pervs if u are thinking of the girls more then the point they are making

  54. I'm a dirty perv.

  55. wow id probably just get my friend to take a picture of me sitting on top of one of the cages with my legs spread out giving a thumbs up 😀 (Y)

  56. Being not a vegetarian is awesome.

  57. I want, uhm... five please. Thank you.

  58. The cause would be much convincing if the chiks weren't wearing any clothes! i mean what kinda chicken wears any clothes right!?! 😀

  59. The yellow one goes for $12,000. The rest are standard rate of $10,000.

  60. Wtf ??

  61. PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals! Imma card carrying member!

  62. Affetmem, Yerim ben o kafesteki piliçleri. Parçalarımmm.

  63. Abbooov! How much dolar this chiks? I want all of them. I'm ready to pay for this beautiful chikssssssssssssss.

  64. I support these protests...

  65. oooooh im gonna get me one today and im gonna feed it and bath it and teach it to beg and fetch my slippers and if it "goes" in the house im gonna slap her in the face rub her nose in it and say "bitch get on yo knees, unzip my pants and cook me some tacos!!!"

  66. This is so sad ...

  67. wow...woww...i like those much are they...?:)

  68. Haha very funny you illiterate wankers.

    I get the jokes but they're all the same.Come up with something original now.

    And if this were to be an accurate representation:
    Smaller cages.
    Smear the girls in sh*t.
    Make them sit there, with more of them to a cage, so long they get sores and their legs get so messed up they can't walk anymore.

    PETA can lick my ring. Domestic animals should be treated far better than battery hens are, despite their short lifespan, but releasing them all into the wild is far worse. They're countless generations removed from any survival instincts and even free range animals are still reliant on human protection and our willingness to feed them. We domesticated cattle, sheep, goats, fowl(both water and land- that's ducks, geese, chickens and turkeys), horses, pigs, and other animals for a reason: it was convenient for all of us. We eat them, they get noms and safety. But then PETA started.

  69. I get the message they are trying to send but couldn't they have just worn yellow t shirts and sweat pants? There are ways to get a message across without demining yourselves, ladies. As for the jokes, yah it's funny the first or second time but you've drained it for all it's worth. Oh, and they should have tried to cram themselves two to a cage much more realistic.

  70. This is more sexual than informing, and i would love to take one of them home.

  71. No, Paul, no... If you would get caged with these chicks, everyone would see you popping your finger into the holes of them, when the time of hunger comes...

  72. buy one get one heheheh

  73. I love the chicks. How much are they? 🙂

  74. "Chichks surfer from egg" hahahha...thats awesome

  75. Hehehehehehe ada ada saja

  76. Most of you are losers just some one posted some pics of chicks in bikini in cage and you all started being jerks shame on you...this is all fake...

  77. total fail.. peta is clearly exaggerating some situations. is it run by a group of vegeteranians or something? chickens and their eggs are made to be consumed. do i know it wrong? it's ridicilous if you tell it like "eggs are raping chickens"

  78. set them free thts not the rit place.

  79. Peta suck but those girls look better. like Kerem said. I had pet chickens for a while and they just kept dropping eggs and if left them too long they break them and eat them anyway.

  80. Koi mujhey dey, mey mudat sey kanwara para hun. kassh koi mujhey sirf aik baar dey dey. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  81. Lan tey Budy Jhaira Laya Tatiyan Da Barkaar.

  82. Lan tey Budy Jhaira Laya Tatiyan Da Barkaar.
    Budy Chik Giddi Talwaar

  83. Phool Mangdi Phool Mangdee
    Haroon Di Zaal Aida Wada Lul

  84. Only chicken there, Should put in some cock to balance it

  85. berapa tu mas di jualnya
    gua mau beliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ah
    ngeres tros

  86. thats forbiden....then the women is best thing in the world ,she is given you birth do not joke like this for me if I find somone dolike this I will stop him or them immediatly the women your mother your sister your daughter you girl ....oh my god
    la illah ila allah mohamed rassoul allah

  87. they r saying that chicks r suffering from eggs.

  88. Sometimes I would like to say PETA is stupid,

  89. I hope they lose the key. These idiots deserve to have the key thrown way. Brain Dead.

  90. They can ask for anything in this posture.

  91. For me an Egg a day is OK 😉 :-[]

  92. because people like the chicks

  93. what the buzz?

  94. well i think they r trying 2 say chickens suffer to give poeple there eggs

  95. Genesis 1:29
    sounds alot like PETA
    awareness is good.

  96. so sorry to see it

    feel they are very poor

  97. These Girls are only paid to do so, as they are paid to do most of the things these days.
    It's Some Hotshot's Idea who thinks cool of himself that putting the matter in this way would caught some attention of people in a different way & some might even think about it seriously. But this ain't gonna happen in this cruel world.
    It's nothing more than a Showoff, just another entertainment stuff/stunt to catch eyes of the people for their entertainment. There is less of a message in it than the entertainment.

  98. hehehe.......... whats the F*** is going on :O

  99. i drive past things like this every day.... ok, maybe not, lol.... was this meant to put the message accross, or just appear as most guys fantasies... i think they missed the mark slightly

  100. if pakistan police these chickes, all of these will be stop after one dozen. hahaha

  101. yuumm....its time to b.b q.

  102. Wow! An almost naked girl locked in a cage? I would love to have a pet like that!

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