Octopus Aquarium

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  1. wouldn't mind that in my living room :3

  2. that's amazing..found where do i get one?

  3. They are available through Octopus Studios.

    They're made to order and take about six weeks
    but I don't see any prices listed.

  4. probably pretty pricey...i'm not exactly rolling in cash right now.

  5. awesome fish tank... I would love to have one of these I would pay a lot for one of these =^)

  6. Amazing, pretty, interesting, tempting and A bitch to clean out ;-/

  7. mines now full of sand and had 80000 ants in it 🙂

  8. pain in the ass to clean for sure

  9. That's the only way to keep betta fish from killing each other.

  10. USA : around 900€
    Australia: around 1000€
    Eastern Europe: around 400€
    Europe: around 250€

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