Uncertain Shortcut

Mount Hua Shan | Wooden Ledge Path

Mount Hua Shan | Wooden Ledge Path

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  1. This is a very deep cliff. If you will fall in this deep cliff you will surely out of pieces.

  2. Where is this? That is crazy!

  3. crazy... i have a feeling of nausea when i look at this pic...

  4. beautiful but insane!

  5. This is Mt. Huashan in China.

  6. i hope there's no children there they would probably fall

  7. Go ahead and jump... The stock market will not rebound !

  8. that is freaken insane dude!!!!! i'll be sooooooooooo scared to actually do that, it will take awhile but i think ill end up getting on it.

  9. I'm with 'chrigi'.

  10. Take a look:


  11. Alen, Thanks, I'll pass. I'm pretty sure I will barf if I do.

  12. I saw this video recently on YouTube with featuring a walk at this same place:

  13. I want to walk that.
    I don't like falling..

  14. You could not pay me enough to get me on that thing. No way no hell no how!

  15. who the hell even managed to build that thing?!

  16. Response to Henna: Yo Mama Ha Ha Ha!!!

  17. really crazy

    near xi'an, shaanxi, china. someday i will challenge it

  18. Damn crazy!

  19. And those chains were made in China ?

  20. I know a friend who climbed the whole thing. Said he did it at night so he won't see the 2000 meter abyss as he hung from rusting iron chains. If you do it in the day, to see the shear fall, your balls will be in your throat with fear. One slip and it's over. Yet some country Chinese people even climb this thing in Dress shoes and dress pants when it's icy.

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