Evac Maneuver

Military Helicopter Evacuation Maneuver

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  1. I am always the biggest fan of Chinooks and i am sure that this chopper is always everyone's favourite. I am always surprised by the maneuvers it can do like the one in this picture and it can also put it self on the surface of water to bring in the inflatable boat in its hull.

  2. Army reserve pilots have been doing that since the evacuation of the embassy in Hanoi Viet Nam...

  3. Army reserve pilots have been doing that since the evacuation of the embassy in Hanoi Viet Nam...

    Ummmm, Hanoi is in northern Vietnam - that would have been like trying to have an embassy in North Korea would be today. I don't believe there was every an embassy in the former Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) prior to the end of the Vietnam War. Yeah, the embassy that was famously evacuated was in Saigon in South Vietnam, about a thousand miles to the south of Hanoi. I think you're probably wrong on them being Army Reserve pilots that flew during the evacuation as well. I don't believe there were very many Army Reserve units called to duty during Vietnam.

  4. There were about 13,000 reserves deployed in Vietnam.

  5. Josh is abs right, and cain is a fool

  6. this is afghanistan korengal valley

  7. The US Embassy in Vietnam was in Saigon (now called Ho Chi Mihn City) - not in Hanoi.

  8. yeah, kick cains ass for being a dumbshit.

    that's obviously a double bladed apache warship flown exclusively by the d.i.'s at fort bliss, utah.

  9. Chinooks are not straight they are flying bannananananas

  10. and why is the helocopter stuckd on the house with his balls?

  11. Chinooks are NOT curved, they're straight. The "Flying Banana" is an Army H-21 Shawnee.

  12. The famous picture you see taking the people off the roof of the embassy in Saigon Viet Nam is not being flown by the Army Reserve or the Army. That famous photo is a helicopter being flown by the Company, the Firm or as we all know it as the CIA

  13. Actually, these guys needed air conditioning in their hooch, so, they hired this chopper pilot to provide it. Great job, huh?
    Yeah, this is sarcasm at it's worst, but, hey, I'm former navy and, at one time, air national guard with assault helos.

  14. Ft. Bliss, Utah? Humm, I was stationed in Ft Bliss ... could of sworn it was in Texas, but then I was doing a lot of drinking in Mexico at the same time. Maybe they moved it since I was there ten years ago?

  15. oh..pentacle manuevre..

  16. This Afghanistan its in Kunar or Noristan province.

  17. Ft. Bliss, Texas....last time I checked....agreed, it looks like afghanistan korengal valley but I just finished watching "Restrepo" a few days ago.

  18. i'm from AFGHANISTAN and i think here AFG

  19. I LOVE my country

  20. Yah! I was the pilot on this manoeuvre!!! It's not a rescue - we were dropping off supplies of Tiger beer to some c'sumac in AFG.

  21. Anyone that says this was a rescue from an embasy in Vietnam is a retard. Thats Afgan...and the soldiers are wearing DCUs....The one closest with back to camera is in original ACU pattern...probably right as they started fielding the new camo. Vietnam...idiots

  22. 91-00264, a U.S. Army CH-47D, conducting pinnacle landing on the roof of a house in Afghanistan to pick up Afghan Persons Under Control (APUC) captured by members of the U.S. 10th Mountain Division during Operation Mountain Resolve, approximately November 2003.

    The helicopter's number can be seen on another picture taken at same location...
    see: http://xmb.stuffucanuse.com/xmb/viewthread.php?tid=3368
    ("The pilot is a PA Guard guy who flies EMS choppers in civilian life.")

    Chinook details:

    "91-00264, Boeing D model kit number M3413, was a CH-47D helicopter. The U.S. Army acceptance date was 4 September 1992. As of 22 June 1998, 91-00264 had accumulated 558.2 D model hours and 4,333.2 total aircraft hours. 91-00264 was a conversion from the original A model Chinook 61-02420. On 6 September 1991, 91-00264 was inducted into the D model program, converted, and scheduled for assignment to Detachment 1, Company G, 104th Aviation, Army National Guard, 1st Army, a unit of the Army National Guard, located in the State of Connecticut. At some point, and at least through June 1995, 91-00264 was assigned to the Army National Guard in Connecticut. As of 1 January 2002, this aircraft was 38.5 years old. As of November 2003, the last known location of 91-00264 was in Afghanistan, assigned to an unknown unit. Aircraft status: Flyable."


  23. Incredible action, it's so crazy. Is in afghanistan ?

  24. I'm not an American. I'm not in the military. I couldn't tell the difference between two 'copters if they weren't sitting side by side...but I do know this...The men and women in the Armed forces of their respective countries have big hairy balls the size of coconuts. All of you are laying it on the line for us who stay "home". THANK YOU ALL!!! Pictures like this and others that can be found on the net are proof that there are still some people out there willing to go that extra mile.

  25. Served on LPH 11, USS New Orleans.
    Used to love to watch the chinooks fly.

  26. Dude, those were CH-46's on the New Orleans. The CH-47's are Army helicopters. The CH-46's are mostly US Marine Corps and some Navy helicopters. The name "Chinook" applies to the CH-47.

  27. nice heli//

  28. We used to do this all the time just like a regular bus route for dropping off the kids at school but it had to be a hot war zone to be any fun - still Her Majesty's Royal Marines Commandos get a kick out of not bragging about it - just thought you'd like to know


  29. If you are in the uk forget about the chinook as you can not get life insurance if you fly one No bull

  30. Quite often chinooks circle around my house once or twiče then leave its really cool, I also love how we all use the term chinook in every sentence thinking we're so cool cause we know the name of a type of helicopter

  31. I hardly think Army Reserve pilots would be sent to evacuate Saigon taking off from an amphibious assault ship.

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