Melted IceCream Truck

Melted Ice Cream Truck

Melted Ice Cream Truck

Sculpture by the Sea fair in Tamarama Beach

Created by The Glue Society

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  2. This is cool I wounder what it's made of. Maybe clay?

  3. This is cool I wonder what it’s made of; maybe clay?
    haha typo b4.

  4. Another typo too. You incorrectly used a semi colon. You need an independent clause there. Also "This is cool" is its own sentence.

    This is cool. I wonder what it's made of. Maybe it's made of clay?

  5. Epic fail. You didn't have to destroy her though, Anon. This isn't an english class.

    So now I will destroy you.

    Semicolon is one word, you idiot. You may know how to NOT use one, but you still need to master the first grade fundamental art of "the comma". Here's what you meant to say:

    There's another typo here also. You incorrectly used a semicolon. You need an independent clause there. Also, "this is cool" is its own sentence.

    How do you feel now?

  6. oooooooo...burn!! I was going to say something along those lines to anon also, but i gave myself a panic attack trying to type everything perfectly so no one had anything on me. but now i don't have to worry about it, so thank you "anon sucks". You are my hero.

  7. lol i was goin 2 say the same thing lik its not an effing english class and stuff. sounds lik my frakin sister correctin me

  8. leeve anon alune ;:::;:;';'',,,.

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    semycoal-on actually guys lol

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  9. LOL!

  10. this is so immature!!

  11. By the way the language in this title is so profound!!

  12. Given that the picture was created by the GLUE society, my guess is that it is made out of glue, not clay.

  13. The top picture looks like someone has fiddled it to replace the beach sand with road surface. I wonder why. Other features in the photos look like it is the same installation in the same location.

  14. that's kinda ironic, the person in the truck spends his day keeping the ice cream from melting, then boom the truck melts

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