Lost Pet

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  1. Now if there was a Chicken BBQ sign right under it that would be f-ing hilarious! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. We Filipinos have great recipe for that :p
    Oh my! your photos are all hilarious.

  3. What kind of man misplaces his Cock?

  4. Reston is "reston" in peace................

  5. hahahah Cari that was as funny as that picture

  6. Poor rooster. I don't think its funny.

  7. me are you with the PETA organization or something? not that i dont agree but its kind of funny too

  8. me, i think you should be awarded by PETA due to your extreme concern about your veganism...

    thank me..

    anyway, i love the pic... cheers to that manilenya!!

  9. How can you miss him? Just follow the line of people annoying by early morning crowing and you can't miss him.

  10. What's the joke? Maybe if it was outside a KFC or something it would be funny....

    That aside, why is this more funny than a missing kid or a dog poster? I don't understand you people at all

  11. I did that for my pet turtle!!


  12. My neighbors owned Reston...They would bring him out and all the kids on the block would pet him. I'm sad he's gone:(

  13. we miss him also , tastes lovely

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