Dogs Need Exercise

Lazy Dog Walker

Found at spacedust

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  1. That dog won't be needing exercise after he runs over him.

  2. And I thought that 15 year old kids were lazy.......too funny! 🙂

  3. This is hilarious - people are so lazy. Love the blog!

  4. Haha, the person doing this HAS to be American.

    Yup, I said it.... AMERICAN!

  5. lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!

  6. Holy cow talk about lazy! Good thing it's not a herding breed or it would be dead. Seen it - not funny.

  7. hahahahahaha
    thats a mean ass man doin that to their dog.!!!!
    Hes american
    cause us ricans wouldnt do that

  8. hahahahahaha
    us ricans wouldnt do that

  9. hahaha

  10. Did anyone think that the person in the car is disabled?

  11. only in America!

  12. thats what i used to do actually except i had cuz my dog was a doberman and there was no freaken wayi could keep up with it, instead i drove 20 miles per hour and she kept up, after a month of that she was ripped,

  13. Fuzzy proves once again it is not always 'the Americans'.

  14. Ugh this picture just goes to show how frigging lazy people are then they wonder why everyone is obese! get off your ass!!!!!!!

  15. "HAS to be American"

    Worse than that, they're from Ohio.

  16. wow how lazy can one person get? really? ctfo thats ate up bad

  17. I've actually seen this performed with 3 dogs. It's really sad how lazy people have become.

  18. It's no wonder Americians are getting so fat and lazy.

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