La-Z-y Boy Racer

Motorized Recliner

Found at TreeHugger

5 Responses to "La-Z-y Boy Racer"

  1. dude, I thought I was crazy. you win.

  2. This is so fake! That clock would smack him in the face. I guess he could have it bolted down but this is not street legal he would get pulled over!

  3. this is real he makes loads of these things he was on telly and that one is road legal lol

  4. Yes Pete is right, this is real - you'll notice a number plate at the front. And you may also notice the can of Guinness too ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. its real,,,, here it is, its from top gear before it had the number plate even tho he says its road legal

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