Coffin Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets In The Shape Of Coffins

Kitchen Cabinets In The Shape Of Coffins

Coffin Cupboards and Sink

Coffin Decorated Kitchen

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  1. I would hate to be the real estate agent who has to sell this joint. You would have to call every mortician in a 100 mile area everyday to get one lead!

  2. Fantastic! I want one!

  3. HaHa :))) This kitchen perfectly matches for Adams Family

  4. Vampire’s home.

  5. This kitchen is sure dead.

  6. i want that kitchen

  7. hold the garlic! haha

  8. Shit who cremated the chicken!!!!

  9. This is soooo great I thought I was the only one! I'm have a friend build me coffin cabinets, stained glass spiderweb windows. He already made me and my husband a Coffin table! We love our house.

  10. @Threio--Anyone getting these cabinets for their house, more than likely is never going to resell their home. I know I am making a ton of changes to my house. I have waited forever to purchase a home of my own. No, it isn't in the "dream" location, but that is life. I love these cabinets, but I surely would have my dad put a nice coat of black resin on it to protect them.
    @DeadzieSuicide-- I would love to see pictures of that!

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  12. Piss cool i want that cupboards

  13. These cabinets are Flippin awesome! Everybody has their own taste and wow I'm so impressed! And I'm so happy like some other people on this page that have commented that I'm not the only one! This person was ingenious!

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