Egg Mirage

Egg Shell Image

c/o Hazel

13 Responses to "Egg Mirage"

  1. The person that submitted this photo said she could
    see an image in the cracks of the egg.

    It took me a few minutes to see it.

  2. It is NOT a crack it is a design on the egg when the hen layed it!

  3. How on earth do you know it was there when the hen layed it? Where you there? No. You found this picture on the internet. You are guessing.

  4. Hazel, my mistake.
    That makes it even more bizarre!

    Tara, she took the photo.

  5. What is it?

  6. i don't see anything of significance in this just looks like a bunch of loops and swirls to me. what is it supposed to be?

  7. this looks like a breast to me...nothing like an egg!

  8. what is it supposed to be? i see nothing special... :/

  9. I see an Ostrich head ....

  10. I work on a Turkey farm, there's almost always blood on the eggs when they're laid. That's what the pattern is. I'm guessing it was a bubble and it popped.

  11. Amen, Brian.

  12. looks to me like the chicken growing inside...:)

  13. I don't see anything other than an egg. What am I missing?

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