Camel Spiders

Camel Spiders

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  1. Picture faked by false perspective: solpugids appear 8-10 times life size.

  2. Hmmm well i see why they have guns!

  3. right paul, we all thought they were really the size of that guys thigh. ๐Ÿ˜›

    they are huge spiders never the less. pretty cool

  4. Looks like 2 spiders together.

  5. It is two spiders together. This is an old picture that has been doing the rounds for at least 2 years now.

    And it's not technically speaking a spider either, it's a solpugid.

  6. They are actually two spiders mating.
    These spiders are actually quite large.

  7. I know someone who has encountered these... from what I've heard, the size of them is scary; like the face-suckers in Alien.

  8. I don't care how big they are they are FREAKY!

  9. Interesting spiders

  10. This is one big spider, are they poisonous?? And are they real?

  11. The army has encountered it's new enemy big f**king spiders:P lol

  12. The urban myth is

    Camel spiders insert poison into their sleeping victims to numb them so they don't feel anything and then eat the meat leaving the victim with a massive wound. But the truth is their venom does not leave you numb and they would only attack when feeling threatened.

    In colchester (near where i live) a soldier somehow brought one back accidently and they left there home coz of the urban myth but it wouldn't of harmed them.

    They aren't that big tbh but they do run fastish at 10mph constant speed.

  13. I was in the Army and served in Gulf. I gained lot of experience in Camel Clamping.

  14. i agree with nicole
    they are FREAKY

  15. They are ruffly the size of your hand,

  16. These so called spiders aint spiders at all. I live in south africa and we have lots of them here. they are called redroman. Spider has 8 legs and these only have 6 legs. they are very fast and can give you a nasty bite. They come out at night and sort of cut off your hair to make a nest with it. If you disturb it , it will attack you and the venom cant do any harm to you, only leave a nasty mark.

  17. Been there and seen it and been bite by one out in the desert in Kenya when i was in the army, yes they are some times that big and Effie you have no idea what your talking about, its not a myth its true as you get a briefing on them before you go out there but the RAMC. so wind your civvie neck in.

  18. that made my spine tingle

  19. I live in Alberta, Canada. I found a one inch version of a camel spider in my bed about 23 years ago. It scared the **** out of me then. I kept it in a small container for a couple of days, fed it moths and grasshoppers, then let it go. These things are really cool!
    As an aside, it took me nearly 1 day at the public library to find out what the heck it was...we didn't have internet for research back then!

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