Chucky's Mistress

Doll Sculpture | Dark Horror Style

Artist : DLMarian

15 Responses to "Chucky's Mistress"

  1. Wow... that is really disturbing!

  2. OMG, that poor woman!

  3. i think i know her...

  4. I think I am In Love

  5. I could never own this. It would terrify me. I always thought my dolls were watching me as a child and it freaked me out. To this day I cannot have a doll in my room. My sister gave me a bride doll one time with freaky eyes. I stuck it in a box in my closet and it still freaked me out because I knew it was there.

  6. Damn she's ugly, would explain the fits of rage. Use a knife on that mug Chuckie instead!

  7. When the page pop, it loses my nerve.
    If a child see this one, surely will get terrified and screamed all the way.

  8. Those lips are just so inviting, make you want to kiss her forever! Ooh, sweet little Courtney. Love!

  9. Disarmingly charming -- love it! Reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors.

  10. that scared me i think she needs braces!!...
    is it a he?

  11.'s freaky doll...i'm so interest...

  12. mmm...if davinci see that

  13. really annoying....
    its scared me...

  14. Those teeth are messed up

  15. omg...this is freaking awesome i love it, i want to be her for halloween

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