Too Much Magnesium

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  1. Amazing fire works, once i thought that it just blew up the person who lights it up(lolz..). Thanks for the post...

  2. This is a fake, first light is on, then off, and after it "blows" the light is on again...

  3. fake crap

  4. Oh cmon ... it was still hilarious!

  5. White, I agree with was still funny.

    What got me is that he has on a different shirt in the end. lol The whole time I kept thinking, "In the HOUSE???"

  6. Too much black powder, not enough magnesium: No brilliant white flash.
    Would have been fun to add a mixture of iron filings and aluminium. You'd get the sparkler effect all right... As the whole flaming mess burrows through the table like a glowing gopher!

    P.S: Don't try this at home, kids.
    P.PS: Better yet, don't try this at all.

    D.I.Y pryotechnics: Great career choice if you have any surplus digits...

  7. that was bullshit! check the light dud! light of that room.

  8. yepp, it's fake. I didnt notice the lights, but the explosion was clearly fake.

  9. first off, a protective cloth? i mean seriously!
    even though it was fake (even though i didn't notice the lights or the different shirt until they were pointed out), it was still funny

  10. baaaaaahahahahahahahahahahha

  11. damnit it was sooo funny til i read the comments ...... well i dont care it was still funny as hell lmaooo

  12. yes; it' 's' fake but still funny

  13. This is proof that even redneck analysis is smarter thinking then E-bonics from our professor gal-pal at Berkley. When a redneck screws up - he acknowledges and analyzes it - determines the root cause, then makes a positive decision not to screw it up AGAIN... then has a beer and puts Judge Judy on TV.

  14. funny, like pissin in ur buds beer.

  15. Omg sooo funny lol

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