Mouse Cream Cone

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  1. The cutest vermin ever! My cats have specifically requested this for dessert tonight.

  2. Oh, ew!!

  3. This just so adorable....I don't know why but I don't find it gross...very nice!

  4. the white one really looks fat..or is it because its just at the buttom? haha well, I just hope I don't remember this the next time I eat ice cream..

  5. Looks more like a micecream cone to me!

  6. cutenesss

  7. Hamsters, not mice!

    Thanks for posting it.

  8. how cute i wonder how they go them to stay like that. but who cares i love them they are so cute

  9. there so cute how did they get them to stay like that but who cares there so cute

  10. The middle one looks angry. tis so cute

  11. sooooo cute ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    the mouse on top is the sweetest one^^

  12. they r freaking hamsters not mice

  13. Food of a creepy scientist.

  14. how adorable! <333

  15. They are cute, who ever does not think. is an idiot

  16. They are hamsters, cute hamsters

  17. so ugly...

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