Chicken At The Beach

Giant Chicken Carcass Sculpture

Giant Chicken Carcass Sculpture

Sculpture by Nicolas Lampert & Micaela O’Herlihy

via sweet-station

8 Responses to "Chicken At The Beach"

  1. hahhahaha =)

  2. eww, why couldn't it be an alive chicken doing a headstand? lol

  3. Big nude chicken on the beach..... so sexy ;p

  4. WTF??????

  5. Lay off the crackpipe dude what were you thinking
    nobody puts a big dead chicken on a beach. (this guy)

  6. From the same guy who constructed the vagina bicycle.

  7. What the hell??? Is that sand???

  8. HA! crazy. This guy is a professor and mentor of mine. He's really a great person. I never knew he made this.

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