Stormy Perspective

Boy Ties His Shoe As Storm Brews | Photography By Frank Melech

Artist : Frank Melech

10 Responses to "Stormy Perspective"

  1. I love this! Thank you for finding it.

  2. That looks like the freaky kid who beats up Kevin Bacon in Flatliners.

  3. This is a great shot..I'm sure this perspective technique has been used many times over for other things!

  4. I like the perspective

  5. This photo is amazing!

  6. WTF?? i don't get it.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous photo. Thanks for posting this.

  8. WTF is the big deal, can someone please explain, its not that amazing at all its a dude bending to tie his boot and some gray clouds, you are all stupid for saying how amazing it is,

  9. Fuzzy: Go find some appreciation.
    You're the only one who looks stupid.

  10. So Amazing, I Love This.

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