Subway Etiquette

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  1. why not? it's the least i can do while you continually debit my account.

  2. Defecating, with a capital "D," no less!

  3. The map of the stops above the pic is for a London tube line, so even if the sign was real, it would not refer to the transport system as "subway"

  4. Obviously fake. The angle of the words doesn't match the angle of the sign.

  5. plus the big orange blob on the right doesn't work
    OH and the poopy bit is drawn on
    safe to say
    SHOPPED! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. What if you're illiterate?

  7. It doesn't say you can't it just says please don't o00o

  8. deep list running possibly

  9. Where was this picture taken ?!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. The picture has been taken in a London tube as previously mentionned, and i guess it was on the Nothern Line

  11. nah it's called a tube not a subway mate

  12. oops someones already said that,, yeah you're right Alaahel it does look like the northern line

  13. Deffo Northern Line...the line I get every day! I so wish this was real...classy lol!

  14. I guess then urinating, spitting and vomiting are OK.

  15. This sign would be appropriate for Singapore where everything except breathing seems to be illegal.

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