Fish Bowl Tote

Standalone Fish Bowl Carrier

Handbag Style Fish Bowl Carrier

Designer : Michal Shabtiali

27 Responses to "Fish Bowl Tote"

  1. It's so practical!

  2. Ooh..I love this one. What a nice way to always have your pet fish with you everywhere you go..:D

  3. I swear you find some good shit! Love this!

  4. Dang. I need one of these. Sure would make going on road trips easier.

  5. Geez... so do you mean to tell me that now I will not just be sitting at outdoor cafe tables by little Chihuahuas? THat's going to be kind of weird when it's sushi. THanks for posting the bizarre! Wishing you abundance from Los Angeles!

  6. Cruel and absurd.

  7. Oh, that's nice, because I bet a goldfish definitely wouldn't die in that.

  8. That goldfish probably died soon after the photo shoot...

  9. why would it die? i don't know anything about fish, but is it exposure to sunlight, or just being sloshed around?

  10. cool design. much better than a plastic bag.

  11. thats just horrible... poor little guy probably isnt even getting any oxygen! who would think of something like this. and if you really cant leave your house without your fish you have some serious issues!...cause i know if i was a fish i would just LOOVE to go shopping and for car rides...and get all thrown around in my tank!
    Like common... you might as well just fold up your fish and put it in your wallet cause its going to live just about that long in that thing anyways!
    get a life people!

  12. yeah, it would die from the stress of being thrown all over the place for sure. 🙁 so sad that people do these kinds of things for the sake of 'fashion'

  13. the fish might not die from the movements alone but it will definitely suffer from severe stress, which in aquarium fish is deadly. it weakens their immune system and makes them vulnerable to all kinds of parasites.. 🙁 poor thing.

  14. Which purse should i use today?

    (first picture): Noo!! Not this one!!

  15. That is horrible. I can't believe you bastards find it FUNNY! Look at the second picture, imagine being locked in a stale cupboard in a scale 10 earthquake. Yeah, that's what I THOUGHT!

  16. Guys chill, I highly doubt that they walked around with the fish all day. What about when you bring fish home from the pet store? Its in a plastic bag and I'm sure bounces around a lot on your way home. And I don't think the tank is sealed, but I don't know for sure. I don't think its that funny, but you really shouldn't over react.

  17. NO! This is not good, nice, practical, or anything else positive. If you use this, your fish WILL DIE. This is terrible and sad. Do NOT buy this!

  18. My god. to answer everyones questions, goldfish produce so much urine, that thing would have died that day. goldfish also get over a foot long. obviously they didnt walk around with that all day but no, that fish would shake alot more in that than the bags we aquarists carry them in.


  19. Uh, guys, look REALLY closely at the fish. Its plastic. Well done, but plastic.

  20. Stopnlook: LOL. It is.

  21. now i can carry my fish!!!:)

  22. 5 Ways To Bond With Your Fish

    [...] This one, however, is real. It’s a “fish bowl handbag” that you can use to carry your fish around with you like a small dog. Although, I doubt it’s very practical either–the fish would probably be jostle around too much to be comfortable. And besides, where are you going to take a fish? You can only go to the aquarium so many times. (via Found Sh*t) [...]

  23. Hi I wonder if you can help; I'm getting interested in having some fish and have started looking at aquiring an aquarium recently. I'd love to have some larger fish, but I've been advised previously that I should start with something small. You wouldn't have any ideas of the types of smaller fresh water fish that i could start with do you? ta for your help

  24. yeah, it would die from the stress of being thrown all over the place for sure. 🙁 so sad that people do these kinds of things for the sake of 'fashion'

  25. u guys r all retards making a big deal out of nothing that severe

  26. I used to carry my fish to class with me every day. It lived for over a year. Pretty long life for a fish if you ask me.

  27. this is awesome!

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