Inline Speed Skating

14 Responses to "Inline Speed Skating"

  1. Absolutely incredible. What happened next?

  2. OMFG ...

  3. is this for realz?..

  4. God save his a$$. Freaking crazy

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen... this is picture proof of the term 'Batshit Insane'!

  6. if he was in jail, at shower time i would protect him!

  7. his legs would split

  8. it's rememberable

  9. omg that looks fun and hella freaky

  10. My buddy bucky Buckhalter did this on a cruise through the Benjamin Islands in the North channel Ontario Canada. I am a surgeon and came prepared to do a bit of sewing on my friend Bucky after one run down a 300 foot granite rock. The hardest part was reattaching Buckys head. Once done, he seemed to speak more clearly than I have ever heard him speak... Even though I had a left handed assistant... Only to realize, we reannastomosed his head and brain stem on backwards. If you ask Bucky today... Was it worth the experience... He simply nods and says... NO.

  11. omfg that is hella beast

  12. i would love to do that... on the behemoth

  13. If he falls, he will be bent upside down between the rails as he skates. What an idiot!


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