Brave For Candy

9 Responses to "Brave For Candy"

  1. OMG!!!!

    This is why Clowns freak me out sooooo much..

    Evil little bastards!!!

  2. best clown costume ever! i'll hire that person to entertain (or frighten) my guests on my party. hehe. prob'ly make it serve spiked drinks. teehee.

  3. forces of evil in a bozo nightmare..

  4. That's me (the clown) actually. It's funny, I wasn;t actually looking for this picture and stumbled across it on google -- which is always a weird experience.

  5. this is a scary clown

  6. That's my son (the kid) actually. It's funny because someone posted this picture on a completely unrelated message board. Definitely also a weird experience..


  8. wow, they did an extremely awesome job on that clown look, cool!!

  9. So wait, did the kid actually get the candy? (Cause if that was me I'll be like, "Give me the lolly!" I'll run up and puch the clown over, grab the lolly, and then run off screaming)

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