$4 Million Sink Hole

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  1. ouch

  2. you can blame the engineer for that one as it there job: as per AS 2550.1 to specify the position and load rating of the crane on any suspended slab/surface.

    and you can bet the engineer will buy them a new crane.

  3. It's the builders/cranes drivers fault, look at the thickness of the slab and the positioning of the crane between the beams. Do you honestly think that a crane could lift relying on the slab alone without propping? I can only see one prop. The beams don't look like they could support point loads of that magnitude.

  4. Chris - only if the engineers told them they could put the crane in that location. If the contractor decided to alter the construction method or schedule without the engineers approval, it wouldn't be the engineers fault at all.

  5. Any licenced operator knows better then to set up over a parking garage/basement, especially on a machine larger then a small boomtruck. If the site foreman told the operator to set up there, its his fault, if an engineer approved that setup its his fault. If the operator took it upon himself to set up there without checking his surroundings, then its his fault.

  6. Some how it's faked, I mean someone happened to take a few pictures at a construction site. Also shooting the crane before it falls, highly improbable.

  7. i am a crane operator with my cco and i dont care who said it was ok i would still say NO. that was stupid

  8. The first photo was a stock from a seperate job, does anyone see a series of garages housing a white truck in the following pictures?

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