Rodeo Rollerskates

Cowboy Boots Roller Skates

9 Responses to "Rodeo Rollerskates"

  1. nice shoes ,They are so cute, I love it.

  2. Im not sure why, but I love these. There is something so endearing about them; playful,freeing, adult playing dress up.

  3. where can i get these??

  4. i would really like to have something like this too! does anyone where to find some?

  5. I really would love these! can anyone tell me where I can get me a pair?

  6. OMG I love them tell me where to get them plz

  7. where can i find these, has anyone learned yet? please advise!!

  8. [...] So the lovely Eve Yllanside from Diary of a Derby Wannabe couldn’t wait to share these with me for I Want Wednesdays so I found out about these Monday… (via) [...]

  9. Thars a snake in ma boots

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