Tamarin Monkeys

Cotton-Top Tamarin Monkeys

Photo by David Jones/AP

via apostropher

10 Responses to "Tamarin Monkeys"

  1. pure horror. tamarin monkeys > zombie apocalypse.

  2. 1) Don't get them wet.
    2) Don't feed them after midnight.
    3) Keep them far, far away from the Xanax.

  3. These guys must be from the same town Steven Tyler is from....

  4. Watch out Aerosmith! There's three Steven Tylers on the block!

  5. omg they are so cute!!!

  6. These animals are almost extinct thanks to ignorant humans like you. And they are beautiful creatures.
    You are the ugly ones.

  7. Who's the ignorant human you are speaking of?

  8. truly cute guys

  9. To cute for words

  10. How much for a Baby Tamarin Monkey?
    Where can I get one?


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