Bed Swing

Round Bed Swing

Found via Frogview

14 Responses to "Bed Swing"

  1. i like that alot

  2. I want one!

  3. i own one.. and its so awesome
    yo son that is mad hot


  5. Can I have this bed? Wow.. I really like it!..

  6. Is that made out of a trampoline...hung from the ceiling...a piece of some kind of foam padding...too cool...

  7. how much? i wanna buy it?

  8. I want this bed. can you plz give me some info..

  9. nice i m having a same one in my room

  10. Which stores do you know that i can buy round bed??? I want like that one please help

  11. Can you please send me information on where to purchase the hanging beds??

  12. [...] (Images via architecthousedesigns, gandana, apartmenttherapy, foundshit) [...]

  13. how much is this bed?


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