Kitty Roll

14 Responses to "Kitty Roll"

  1. This adorable. Sushi Kitt'n

  2. lol, cute la..

  3. hahaha.. cute one...

  4. Purrito!

  5. that borders on animal abuse and is downright idiotic.

  6. gaga you are an idiot. this does nothing to hurt the cat and is just plain adorable.

  7. CUTE

  8. Actually, vets used to roll difficult cats they were treating... so, it doesn't hurt the cat, but it isn't really cute, adorable, ect.!!

  9. how could you not think that is cute?

  10. I had a cat that used to do that. He'd crawl into people's coat sleeves while they weren't looking. Then when they went to put on their coats, *whallah!* cat sleeve!

  11. how adorable its so cute that is hella funny i wish i could do that to my cat but its still funny

  12. he looks like a multicolored condom

  13. awwwwwwwwwww how cud anybody fink that it isnt adorable ? is that a sock?

  14. es el muder!!

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