Tabletop Tailwhip Fakie

BMX Failed Trick

Found at : eatliver

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  1. Now thats what I call an action shot! OUCH!

  2. Yeah, looks like some serious road rash.
    Hopefully he tucked his head in real quick =)

  3. That is about to hurt!

  4. haha thats awsome

  5. Oh man that is gonna leave a mark. Does he usually have 2 left hands? Also- looks like his right arm has a new point of articulation.

    I seriously don't understand why riders wear open faced helmets in parks but full-faced helmets in races. Races are a lot safer than parks. I'll give the rider credit for wearing knee, shin, and elbow pads.

    Get well soon, guy!

  6. Where is that park?

  7. el, dolor esta en la mente!!!

  8. wow ..
    im glad i gave up bmx biking

  9. I know who this is..... he is my ex. Well i new he would do that... he already showed me this picture... this is why most of the time i dont like watching him bmx.

  10. EAT CONCRETE!!!!!


  12. lol guys it;s a fake... look there is a spot with orange thing on the ground wich doesn;t pass there

  13. actualy david races are more dangerous because your riding really fast and jumping and people are trying to get by you and if you fall people run you over

  14. smoke meth and ride

  15. Doesn't like he's going to fall. He's just hovering up there. XDD

  16. thats stupid

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