Big Ass Nachos

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  1. Both cheeks?

  2. Big ass nachos AND free wireless internet? Where is this place, I want to go?!!

  3. Hahahaha, Hahahaha, Hahahaha! only sad that my own ass isn't that big

  4. This is a real place in Tamarindo Costa Rica, called the Witch's rock Surf camp...

    Here's a link FYI:

    I'm GOING there in July or August.....

  5. @Dan: Post pics of the nachos when you go! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. thats a really wonderful comparison to use when refering to food.

  7. I am happy to see that this sign has made it to the internet. I coined that phrase when I ran the Playa Tamarindo's Witch's Rock Surf camp back in 2001 and my son Joe was running our surf camp in Playa del Coco.

  8. Thanks for the great phrase P K Walsh!

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