Pedal Coaster

Bicycle Roller Coaster

Bicycle Roller Coaster

Bicycle Roller Coaster

Bicycle Roller Coaster

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17 Responses to "Pedal Coaster"

  1. I'm going to pass on this rollercoaster, lol.

  2. You wouldn't see me getting
    on this thing either =)

  3. No way!

  4. O.o dear gods.

  5. Legoland in San Diego has one like this.

  6. wtf...? LOL

  7. .______. das krazeh maan

  8. I would be so scared!

  9. does look scary but i definitely would give it a try

  10. It would be awesome, I would wear something heavy duty on my bottom, if you know what I mean.

  11. i wanna try.. as long as its guaranteed safe, it looks scary but FUN!

  12. That looks dodgy as hell, but I totally want to do it. Where is it? San Fran?

  13. Thats looks so 3rd world...

  14. the only thing is... what if the person in front of you stops pedaling at the bottom of a down hill?!?!

  15. Scary...

  16. It must have required a lot of money to create such an oddity. Imagine riding this as a group at night time when there is no moon and 15 minutes earlier your friends ate magic shrooms... yikes and yahoo! (smile).

  17. How do you work that? o.O

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