Being British

Being British

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  1. And quite possible that doing this Englishman was born in North Africa.

  2. Amen.

  3. ha, whoever wrote this obviously has no idea. only amusing for its ignorance.

  4. No. That pretty much sums it up.

  5. Being American is about driving a japanese car to a chinese takeout owned by koreans serving food cooked by mexicans, stopping for arab gas, listening to canadian pop stars smoking colombian hash, while wearing italian shoes and talking on a taiwanese cell phone to a friend in england about how racist we are.

  6. *like* =P

  7. being canadien is pretty much jus like being an american jus were canadien

  8. Exchange 'British' for any other country in the world, then include:

    British Music,
    British Influence
    British Comedy
    British Backbone
    British Class the following.

  9. I am with you on the exchange British part, with the exception of Influence, Comedy, Backbone and Class.

    So, basically just the music part. British music is awesome.

    Being Canadian is about driving an American truck over Native American land to a house built by Newfoundlanders to eat a home cooked meal made by Kraft, while listening to music from Montreal and smoking British Colombian cannabis - wearing - who cares - and surfing the web.

  10. Clearly written by a Yank. Since when was the British flag set out like the American flag? Now that is stupid, and ignorant.

  11. this was done by a student from leeds met uni.

  12. We should have let England be invaded by the Germans.

    What a useless nation of sullen wankers.

  13. Poor sad Bobby :'(

  14. Britain invented the Internet, TV, football, Hockey, chocolate bars, telephones and unfortunately America as it is today. the British may buy products from all over the world, but made the world in its image.

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