Beached Sportage

4 Responses to "Beached Sportage"

  1. lucky your not with amy
    next time dont get a kia get a smart car its a smart way to go!

  2. FREE CAR!! ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

  3. barney, your an idiot. only reason for getting is a smart car is dual purpose- first, get smashed by a truck and die quickly (tiny pos will be like running over a can) and 2, get buried in it, saving you the expense of a costly funeral.

    also, KIA sucks ass. soulda gotten a jeep or at least some major name brand car. ignore that foreign shit, they cant make cars that wont go offroad, and their all overall pos.

  4. Whatever. It's a KIA. It's cheap/crap Korean car.

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