Bacon Bra

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  1. SOOOO not kosher.

  2. I'm in love...

  3. GROSS@@@!!

  4. yummy

  5. Does this work with turkey bacon, or the more Kosher, beef bacon?

  6. then she'll go out and tan; then BAM breakfast is ready

  7. That's REALLY gross. Bacteria boobs!!!!!

  8. That is phenomenal. Two things I really love, bacon and boobs.

  9. did anyone else notice how bad she needs to shave?!?! YUCK!

  10. lol, sara, did notice that.
    And for the picture .. EWWWWWW!!!

  11. omfg thats really disgusting. a sad day for bacon lovers everywhere.....

  12. I wonder what she did with the eggs...already have ideas about the hash browns!

  13. A sad day for bacon lovers? You cant be serious!
    This is perhaps the best intention since the pogo stick!

  14. DO WANT

  15. Glorious.

  16. Gets me in the mood to scramble some eggs.

  17. If it was cooked that might actually be cool. And Jews, no one else cares if its Kosher.

  18. trichinosis tits!

  19. Ohhh, oits so GROSSED, who will love to suck those BOOOOBs. I guess, the Gal does not want her bOOOObs to be sucked.

  20. Ha ha!

    Your pickup line: how would you like your eggs in the morning?

    Her answer: unfertilized!

  21. its a creative idea i would be alittle worried about bactieria but not too much any one know if it comes in 38 ddd?

  22. Bacon on Boobs! Love to eat both of them etc etc

    You get the idea! 🙂

  23. Rockville - funny!

  24. Sara: A little bit of stubble can be sexy, at least in my humble opinion. Woop woop! :?D

  25. But.... It's not fried.... How can I eat is off of her if it's not fried?

  26. een spekkie naar s'-mans bekkie

  27. Bizard! Yuuuuck! Why you don't have anything more to do!?

  28. I would like her to take that bacon bra off and lick her salty nipples

  29. I'm either never going to like boobs again or find myself strangely aroused by my breakfast

  30. That's disgusting.

  31. Where is she hiding the sausages?????


  33. She needs to find a tanning bed, THEN she can come over.

  34. I like it but you need to add some cooking instructions

  35. lol...this fits fine. see the connection? eat pig strips and then get it going with the girl like a pig. you are what you eat.

  36. She needs to shave

  37. come on ..those boobs looks like my momy' could be a piece of art ...but not with this anti-perspirant traces!!!!! yak

  38. Now if she could fashion a COOKED bacon bra, that would be something. As it is, that's just gross. Bacteria, illness if eaten, sticky, cold, oily. No. That is just a waste of good bacon.


  40. . . . ew

  41. you people do realize that bacon isnt actually raw?

  42. wow...this is the most commented pic hahaha! men r gross lol..&& yea..she does need to shave!

  43. MMMM bacon!

  44. This should be marketed as... "A totaly new approach to a breast feeding bra

  45. .....another thing,hopefully this dosent give the same effect as using a steak over the eye to make the swelling go down...(.)(.)

  46. Bacon tits!

  47. gross man, is that real or what i will never do that for a bra ??? xxx

  48. I love u

  49. Where do you live because I want to play with you!!!!!¡!!!¡¡

  50. Nobody can eat just one ! Can you imagine how hot the oinking is going to be in bed ?

    Call me ? please !

  51. [...] gets downgraded by some folks due to it’s lack of originality. I mean, come on! The bacon bra already paved the way by proving the beauty of animal-derived clothing goes beyond skin deep. [...]

  52. Thats what I call Epic Meal Time!!

  53. Ok now that looks disgusting XP

  54. uhh bacon isnt raw. they cant sell it if it is. and in europe they eat it that way. and may i just say.. its delicious. ;P

  55. [...] gets downgraded by some folks due to it’s lack of originality. I mean, come on! The bacon bra already paved the way by proving the beauty of animal-derived clothing goes beyond skin deep. [...]

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