Apple Bacon Pie

Bacon Topped Apple Pie

10 Responses to "Apple Bacon Pie"

  1. Yek ... 🙁

  2. to be eaten with finger forks?

  3. Yucccchhhh! I think I threw up a little in my mouth....

  4. mmm-hmmm throw a fried egg on top of that and call it breakfast!

  5. Why?

  6. Hey look! It's Homer Simpsons breakfest! 🙂

  7. OMG YUMMINESS this will haunt my dreams

  8. AWESOME man!!

  9. that looks so awesome. i love bacon so much. i just ordered extra, extra, extra bacon with my chicken biscuit this morning. it was awesome. they gave me an extra slice cuz they messed up my order yesterday.

  10. Так ведь без недостатков достоинства незаметны 🙂

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