Anti-Theft Device

Anti-Theft Auto Pad Lock

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  1. that is bloody hilarious love to see what it would do to the chassis if you actually took off with that attached, the noise for a start would be frightening

  2. So simple but so ingenious.

  3. the wife would forget to remove it

  4. umm, cost for a chain and lock 20 dollar, time spent damaging the bumper for installation 4 hours, watching your wife destroy the vehicle when she forgets to disarm priceless. for everything else theres visa

  5. by the way...what do you do with the chain when you want to drive it...does it just dangle?

  6. A simpler solution and one that is much more commonly used is a chain and padlock around the steering wheel. The chain is bolted through the floor and made of stainless steel.
    This method is much more convenient than kneeling down on some dirty road surface whilst traffic dodges around you.

  7. A good Idea, it has flaws granted but i'm sure if you see another falcon parked next to this one without that lock, it'll be easier to knock off. So it works to a point.

  8. Love to c that ... good idea .. i will try on my Boss car...ahhhhhhaaaa

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