Patriotic Pie

Red, White and Blue American Jello Pie

via Frugal WAHMs

9 Responses to "Patriotic Pie"

  1. I don't know if I could bring myself to eat jello and pie crust...

  2. Now there's a piece of patriotism!

  3. I love this! Very creative indeed!

  4. I want to make one.

  5. I like how this is patriotic to loads of countries... the UK, the US, France, Netherlands (sort of, they use orange for lots of things)...liberia.. ummm,...

  6. people who say "ummm,..." turn me on

  7. well i am saying "ummmmm,..." right now rachel

  8. Leave out pie crust and make into patriotic jigglers (maybe even drunken jigglers)

  9. Ummmmm

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