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  1. Mexico shall rise again.

  2. If by rising, you mean crossing the border illegally to escape from their impoverished and destitute country, while ignoring the laws and decency in the U.S., then yes, you are correct.

  3. A world like that would be very inconvenient to illegal immigrants, they'd have to walk all the way to Oregon to jump the border.

  4. Troy, Mexico used to be like that FYI.
    And those mexicans at your country are the poorest and foolest that couldn't get a decent job so dont expect anything good from them. You should come and watch yourself what is Mexico and their real people like. You should have heard what Cancun its like =)

  5. omg its just a funny pic. . .hahahah y'all chill out. . .specially you troy!!!

  6. everyone lay off of troy...i agree with him..stop bringing the plague and stealing our jobs!!!..if you haven't noticed, our economy isn't the greatest right now, americans don't need parasitic destitutes jumping the borders...

  7. At Rachel and Troy:
    Just shut up. If you are so upset about Mexican people "stealing" your jobs, make sure YOUR people don't give them the job in the first place to avoid paying you "decent people" the prices that you ask. You are also part of the problem.

    "Parasitic"... Wow. Because of people like you, I'm glad the economy sucks right now.

  8. You are glad the economy sucks? wow melissa, that's rich... Are you also glad that thousands of good, hard working men are now being laid off due to the slow economy and are having to collect unemployment and get help from the state in order to support their families? Are you glad that millions of people are now collecting food stamps for their children because they can't afford milk? Are you glad that thousands of women are putting up with being abused by their spouse, having their children abused by their spouse, because they don't have the money or means to leave? Are you glad that the single mothers who make a living serving your fat ass food everytime you go out to eat are getting laid off too because the restaurants are too slow to keep paying them. While people like you are making changes like eating at mcdonalds instead of Porter's steakhouse to save a buck, the rest of us grownups are having to decide whether to let the electric or the water bill slide for another month. Why don't you wait until you have been affected by the economy before you say you're glad it sucks. btw, i don't hate mexicans, i hate ILLEGAL, ECONOMICALLY PARASITIC, DISEASED BORDER JUMPERS who CAN'T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH. A parasite is an organism that survives by gaining nourishment from another host organism while contributing NOTHING to the survival of it's host. They come, they take, and they send their money home to mama rosita and cousin pedro instead of spending it here to help the economy of the country that is their gateway to a better life (you're SO welcome) so how are they NOT parasites? WHAT DO THEY CONTRIBUTE?

  9. bitch...tell me to shutup.

  10. ...You are being so racist.
    You know americans are doing the same thing.
    I'm not Mexican, but you blame Mexicans and Mexicans alone.


  12. Wow! and that is it! a simple ad can torn people against each other. Cm'on guys relax, when you white fellas started asking 15 bucks /hr for picking up fruits some other white fella decided to hire a mexican ass to do the same for 5 bucks /hr. Just for him to send it back to Mexico so his family can buy all of the over-priced american goods that we buy here. RACHEL! Can't you see the Latins overtaking in the Goverment of your own country??? Mexicans are contributing with a new generation of hard working americans, just like a 100 years ago the italians did or so many other immigrants (illegal or not) Can't you see it?!? Think of any "foreign" lastname Schwarzenegger? De Niro? Garcia? Obama?? C'mon grow up!

  13. Rachel, I found a few mistakes in your writing. However, you can put together a fairly decent sentence, You could probably pass for somewhat intelligent. So I ask you, What in HELL is between yours ears? Seriously how can you speak so rudely, cruelly. What you believe, is so gut-wrenching and profoundly wrong, it's poison. K.

  14. To Pic??... I think you are missing the point. She stated ILLEGALS. Why would I, a tax paying barely making it check to check American, be happy about losing my job to someone who doesn't pay taxes or CONTRIBUTE to this economy. I am a help desk specialist myself and I have been working my ass off to find a job for the last 8 months because of the same thing. Losing work to a foreigner because the big boys of the company want to line there pockets with a few more million dollars. Don't you see that happening on the news with AIG and what not. They are not the only company that's fucking us over. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for diversity. That's how this country was built. But I am not, and you shouldn't be, for illegal immigrants who don't learn the language of the land or go through the process of becoming a citizen LEGALLY, JUST AS OUR ANCESTORS DID.

    And To: ha ha... (I'm a proud WHITE American)
    I work my ass off to barely make a living in this shit hole. And by your grammar alone and the fact you use "white" in a derogatory way, I am assuming your are black. I resent that statement sir. In the 12 months I work at Krogers 4 years ago, 85% of the BLACK people paying with FOOD STAMPS came through decked out in expensive clothes, big ass gold chains, grills, or other types worthless filth, when I didn't qualify because I made too much money, MAKING MINIMUM FUCKING WAGE. So don't generalize an entire races because everyone is just as bad.

    Sorry about all this.. It's just some thing really piss me off.

  15. Rachel I would buy you a nice dinner. There is no excuse for illegal immigration. It is wrong, period.

  16. All this over a vodka commercial, wow yall are retards

  17. Well i agree that many U.S. citizens feel this way about illegal immigration and i also believe it should stop , but you really think that if tomorrow there was no illegals in the U.S. you would wake up and have a great paying job cleaning offices or doing yard work ?
    or because some dude crossed the border yesterday you will open your fridge and find out theres no milk? come on man illegals have been in the U.S. for decades and decades and its the same shit you cant stop it, the U.S. wastes a lot more money in other crap that not even compares to what ever these poor ppl cant take away from U.S. society.

    BTW mexico is NOT a poor country or a 3rd world country, most of the ppl are middle class and its growing dispite the global bad economy.

    Yes ! theres like 30 million ppl that are very poor but theres 120 million Mexicans that either are middle class or high class which give them more buying power then many other countrys thats why Mexico is the 13th largest economy in the world and part of G-8+5 wich includes newly industrialized countrys like Mexico and holds 16 of 40 largest companys in the world according to Forbes magazine.

  18. Has anyone seen the other Absolut ads? Another one has a woman standing next to a very pregnant man with the caption 'in an Absolut world'. Nobody freaked out about that ad. Everybody is taking the meaning behind the ad too seriously. It was released only in Mexico and pulled quickly after its release because of the controversy. It's just an advertising gimmick, not a political statement.

  19. Troy / Rachel / Joe: Right on.

    To some of the rest of you: Don't play the race card. That is not the issue.

    ANONYMOUS / s3kShun8: Get an education. Please.

  20. haha: You, too. Get an education. Manners would help, too.

  21. LOL....no, but really you people are complaining about a beer commercial. That is pretty low guys.....lol.....

  22. This is just funny. If you happen to live in Texas, California, Oregon, Arizona, etc., you would realize that there are MANY Mexicans living in the parts of the USA that are shown in this ad so in some ways, this ad represents what really is happening, like it or not.

    Secondly, to those of you bitching about illegal immigrants, they can not find a LEGAL job in America. You need to do some serious research here. Those jobs that you are complaining about the Mexicans coming and taking from us Americans, seriously??? You want to work in the fields, at McDonald's and/or cleaning people's places? At least they are willing to do the jobs that the Americans are too freaking proud to do! And don't pull the BS that you would do them but all the Mexicans take those jobs because if you were willing to do them, then get out there, get the job and do it! If you won't do it because the Mexicans are there, then you are racist, like it or not. I'm also sick of hearing about the illegal immigrants being on welfare. Again, do some research. They can't get welfare if they are not legal residents! Our welfare system is definitely screwed up, but this one can't be blamed on the Mexicans.

    Sheesh people, seriously. You need to chill out and get some education.

  23. As far as I'm concerned unless you're native american you're an illegal immigrant. Christopher Columbus did not discover America, so you don't have any room to talk. The White-Eyes invaded our country and took everything from us, even the way we live and speak. The United States has been invaded since 1492. I don't see anybody telling all White-Eyes to leave, when they should have been asked to leave or respect our way of life years ago. We were forced to live the life of a White-Eye and now and we'll never know and our future generations will never know their true way of life. For this I should say thank you to all you one-sided bigots out there.

  24. Hola amigos you guys should be more focused on saving the world and stop hating us just because we want to live better and have a safe place for the Kids

  25. everyone is getting mad just because mexicans are taking their territory back.. lol. america is going to become a third world country within years if they keep rejecting immigrants like that.. remeber karma is a bitch, wait that oil split that is not touching mexican beaches.. ohh

  26. mexico ruleeeezzz... we have the best beaches lol

  27. Ha Americans are so short-sighted and stupid it's sometimes hilarious. It's a strong stereotype but man when i read stuff like some of the comments on this i can't help but LOL at its accuracy.

    (English not Mexican)

  28. hi, I'm from Cancun and I live in Toronto, Canada...
    I speak English since I was 5 y.o. ... I got a work permit and I live legally... I worked in New Orleans until Katrina messed up my job, my friends, my life.. but I agree.. most people from my country or city didn't make it there because of the language... I don't get it, how come they have a job in here (or the States) ??? If they didn't get a chance to find a job in Cancun, how can it be possible ??? I pay taxes, I contribute to the economy, I'm single and I send money to nobody... I worked my ass so hard so why should I give it to somebody ??? I'm gonna get a job soon at L.E.... I will hunt them down... they have no right to claim welfare and work by cash...

  29. yaaaaaaaaaaaaa nenas gringas

  30. Ok just read what Rachel said about mexicans sending their money to there love ones instead of putting it back into our economy.I'm sorry u think like that but I can tell u that is not true because they do put their money back into our economy just because they work a little harder then other people to make more just so they can support their familys they had to leave behind.They also buy homes and vehicles and majority of illegal now pay taxes to uncle Sam .Just a little FYI from a daughter who's parents were illegal ๐Ÿ™‚

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