In Case Of Zombies..

Zombie Survival Kit

Found via Steven Humour

16 Responses to "In Case Of Zombies.."

  1. I assume that big crates with ammo stand right below it..

  2. Im gonna need a sniper rifle too...

  3. I can't get over the fact that they stenciled the B upside down. The larger bowl (is always on the bottom). It's a lot of effort that's sorta ruined by that one tiny (large) error

  4. Upside down B?

    I was more disturbed by the spoon and fork combo. It the zombies that eat human brains not the other way around.

  5. OMFG. Epic Win. Bit concerned at the lack of ammo, though. Looking the part isn't really going to deter a hoarde of cranially-starved zombies. "Careful, he's got a Kalashnikov!" Not too likely. ^_^

  6. im taking that home

  7. you forgot the rocket luancher yup becuase u forgot that ur dead now

  8. They probably stencilled the B upside down on purpose. I think it looks cooler anyway. Ever heard of typography?

  9. Too bad if:
    you'll be a zombie before you get to it and somebody else will use it against you.
    or what sucks more:
    is that you're already 80 yrs old the day somebody unleash the zombie virus.

  10. u might get hungry while killing somebies

    therefore ..SPAM

  11. Thats awesome! I want one.

  12. I`m thinking Zombies and Nancy Pelosi are two of a kind and this assortment will do the job

  13. wheres the silencer? Zombies are attracted to sound.

  14. Needs ammo, a better knife preferably trench, and a couple women.

  15. @Joab: can you imagine a comment about an upside down B made by someone who doesn't know a thing or two about typography, enough actually to be disturbed by the presentation? It looks cool enough though.

  16. russian27 and draven you said it need more ammo because there will be a lot of them to kill.

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