Zero Calories

Diet Water

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8 Responses to "Zero Calories"

  1. who would've thought there is the diet version of water. Wait! How many calories per cup of plain water again?

  2. Suckers.

  3. The sad thing is that it would probably sale like crazy because people are idiots!! lol

  4. seriously?

  5. Maybe there are minerals added to speed up your metabolism. Or hyped as such.

  6. actually, in the little orange striped teardrop thing it says, "diet easily/without too much of an effort with good-tasting water".

    so it's not "diet water", but you can see where they got the idea.

  7. Lunch yesterday was a cup of chicken chili, diet dr pepper, small ice cream. Dinner was ham and Swiss on rolls, lemonade.

  8. I have been looking for this forever!! I want to buy some Diet water and brag about it to my friends XDDDD

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