Burger King

World Biggest Hamburger

Found via Funnbee

8 Responses to "Burger King"

  1. You killed the King, minced his flesh then flame-broiled him! You bastards!

  2. Only in America

  3. yeah..chose burger and you'll look like the king of burgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a pig.

  5. MMmm..Here in my home town ( Tijuana, Baja California MEXICO) Theres a restaurant called Sasakwatch and serves a 10 lbs. hamburger and if your able to eat it all in 30 minutes you dont pay...lol

  6. the guy in the crown looks soooooo ridiculous, what a douche-bag, waste of space, thats what he is.

  7. That's what I call "King size burger"!!

  8. This is Burger King's nightmare

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