What To Pack

What To Take To Cuba

What To Bring To The Pool

What To Pack For The Beach

Photos by das.graphiker

6 Responses to "What To Pack"

  1. Eh..the guy is packing girly shoes and a bikini top ?

  2. And the girl is packing a broom, cleaning supplies, bathroom scale, and a fire extinguisher. Where is she going that doesn't have their own fire extinguishers?

  3. Well, I've been to Cuba so I can understand the scale, fire extinguisher and the cleaning supplies. And if the guy is stopping at South Beach Miami on the way to Cuba, I guess the bikini top makes sense too.

  4. time for some iSPY! lolol

  5. well, she has a man's hat and mis-matched swim fins....

  6. the guy is hot

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