Bridal Cleavage

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  1. sweet merciful crap! talk about your honeymoons!

  2. whata whore!

  3. wow!!that great,i 1 2 find it 4 my future wife,marvellous,

  4. I want!

  5. This shows you just how the world has completely lost its morals.

  6. What on EARTH was she thinking!!!???... and what on EARTH did he think!!!??? Bet Grandma was so proud of her ! * shakes head in total disbelief*

  7. skank!!

  8. she's from romania :/ (how unexpected)

  9. She's wonderful.

  10. That is gross, I don't know anybody who would want that, and your husband is okay with you looking like that, wow. Whata a shame.
    It's girls like you that give woman a bad name.
    I hope you don't ALWAYS look like that.
    WAy to ruin a nice wedding dress, except the top part.
    And, on top of it your ugly, and not very skiny.
    I could understand if yuo were decent looking.
    Oh well, people make mistakes.

  11. lulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Dear Christ.


  13. Why would a guy even let her do that? I sure wouldn't !
    What a slut.

  14. That is disgusting.

  15. hey i love this dress and it makes me not look 49 so there

  16. u get it'

  17. To the girl in the dress:
    I hope you enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.
    It's the best thing that'll ever happen in your trailer park.
    That dress is a real piece of no-class trash.

  18. to the girl in the dress:
    did you flash anyone in the wedding party or something?

  19. Who's she fooling wearing white?!?! XP


  21. If you see a clearer larger version of this pic it actually looks like the top of her dress has collapsed and wasn't meant to be like that.

    Wardrobe malfunction.

  22. ahahahaha.....
    nice dress by the way....and happy wedding.

  23. LOLL
    The dress is nice, its the woman who's in it im worried about.
    Everything about herlooks great except for those nasty growths on her chest...
    reallly, are those neccessary.
    more than a mouthful's a waste

    -Epic fail

  24. Wow, just look at all the haters!
    I wouldn't be caught dead in a dress like that, particularly at my wedding, but damn you people are nasty.

  25. "And, on top of it your ugly, and not very skiny.
    I could understand if yuo were decent looking."

    Oh for GODS SAKE why would it make it okay if the person was skinny?????????????????


  26. Dude WTF is wrong with this biatch, she's gotta have no brains what so ever,.

  27. The facial expressions of the ladies in the forefront of this shot are priceless.

  28. Are you kidding me?
    To the girl in the dress...
    You're 49?
    Start acting like it, you should have more decency at your age.
    And try and learn how to spell, its the not da
    And you aren't a girl anymore, stop fooling yourself and wearing ridiculous shit like that dress.

  29. I LIKE IT! She's not fat. If you look at her arms, you can see that she's not fat. She has a MARVELOUS RACK!!! All of you people calling her a slut are jealous. This is HER wedding and that's the dress she wanted. Leave the woman alone and appreciate how lucky her groom is. She's a beautiful woman that's not afraid to show her assets even if it's against society's ideas of "morals".

    You people want to bitch about morals?? Then go look up hypocrites like Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker. Then talk about people with no morals. Grow up and admire her beauty. Quit judging!

  30. I love this picture! What a blast everyone must have had at the wedding checking her out.

  31. Right now somewhere in the world there is a hungry baby drooling

  32. first of all..... who would wear a dress like that??? and who would ever MAKE a dress like that???? weird!!!

  33. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how her parents felt at the wedding. I wonder how the guys (besides the groom) reacted at the wedding. One of my friends is one of the biggest sluts in the world (well at least that i know of) and she wouldn't even wear something like that.

  34. Nice dress but bad bad bad top. The groom might be marrying her for something else but everyone I've shown this to has said one thing "Well we know why he's marrying her!" Inappropriate city here, I mean, this is public and there are young children around. Also, just think of how proud her parents must be. Ugh. Someone get this idiotic woman a coat!

  35. I think she looks beautiful! And its a shame that so many people feel that is is a worth while use of their time and energy to do nothing more than leave mean feedback- You guys all must have some really ugly self images to take such issue with someone showing their body... do you really think there is something gross about a pair of perfect breast? I feel sorry for all of you insecure bullies...
    Too bad for you- you're all missing out! You go girl! Gorgeous!!!

  36. So little to the top of the dress it makes me wonder she bothered at all... ... ..? NOTHING left to the imagination, NO style and definitely NO class!!!

  37. I wonder if they even let her inside the church. I dont mind the dress, but she's showing too much to go into church. They are a good pair of boobs tho. Better than mine XD But, I can't call her a slut. Maybe the dress just came down?? Who knows.

  38. now her parents are definitly ashamed. but the bride should be more ashamed knowing its not hard to figure out that with out that hold-up, her boobs ae down to her belly button...... :/

  39. What is the problem? Se is only trying to show her best. If tits are her best, poor guy. rsrs. imagine that inside a church.. funny!

  40. Dear God, hope the priest can contain himself!

  41. It's just very distasteful and ugly. It certainly has no place in a religious event.

    She has other features to show off, breasts are to be kept for hubby, not the whole wide world !

  42. OMG! i think she shouldn't have even worn that out of the house, or in her house for that matter, but do you really think you look good in that? no ones gonna like u for who you are if you dress like that, giirl in the dress... and 49? there is an age when you should be able to tell what is appropriate and what isn't, and that certainly isnt.

  43. [...] Bridal Cleavage » Funny, Bizarre, Amazing Pictures & Videos WAy to ruin a nice wedding dress, except the top part. And, on top of it your ugly, and not very skiny. I could understand if yuo were decent looking. Oh well, people make mistakes. :/ … And you aren’t a girl anymore, stop fooling yourself and wearing ridiculous shit like that dress. Seriously. … Found Shit… [...]

  44. its not about if she's skinny or not its about that she is showing too much. It is her wedding and her choice, but in my opinion personal parts are meant for the significant other and no one else. I do think she is pretty though and the dress is pretty. She just showed WAY too much for my liking and for such a significant time in one's life. Anyways congratulations on the wedding.

  45. To all of you who say the brides fat, reality check she's not fat she just has big boobs, there's a difference! I have big bobs myself and one way you can tell whether they are just overweight vs having a big but or big books is look at the area of their shoulders if they're revealed, usually if they're overweight they should have unnatural folds of skin especially at the arms, which this women does not have(unless she's photoshoped of course, but who's to say the top part of the gown isn't photoshoped and exaggerated?!). And for those of you who say she's ugly, I understand you have your own opinions but think of it like this: if she was in a more modest wedding dress, and you looked at her face then, how ugly is she really? In my opinion she's very beautiful, but the dress is much to revealing.

  46. Also just wants to add that she's rocking what she feels comfortable in and that's all that should matter, I'm sure if the guy was the one who was wearing something out of the ordinary no one would call him a slut or a whore.

  47. Ummmmmmm...

  48. Personally I think she looks terrific. Wish I had the courage.
    In this day and age nothing surprises me any more. My grand ma would have had a stroke!!!

  49. Courage for where a topless wedding dress?

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