Upstairs Horse Stall

Horse In An Upstairs Window

Found at Urlesque

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  1. hello this is funny wtf is a horse doing in a window

  2. maybe he wanted to take a far look of the street

  3. What are you doing there? You are a horse. You can't even climb stairs.


  5. and the horse says why. Good lord. can anybody translate that for me. I dont speak 'horse' :O

  6. So this is where "Mr. Ed" wound up.

  7. Holy crap, I know EXACTLY where that horse is!!

    Galena IL!

  8. Cool! Thanks Matt!

  9. There's one in New York too.

  10. It looks kinda fake looking actually

  11. A ghost left over from the "Horse house"

  12. Only a few of you already know this, but that is in fact a UNICORN in disguise. If you don't believe than you can't see his horn. You also can't see his naked one-night-stand in the background if you don't believe.

  13. It's Claremont in NYC...the stalls are on the 3rd & 4th floors. There are ramps leading up.
    Sadly, Claremont was closed just over a year ago.


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