I'll Need A Paperclip

Two Pandas Investigate Padlock

Found at Izismile

5 Responses to "I'll Need A Paperclip"

  1. so cute. the pandas are so cute. are they from the zoo they are so cute
    i love pandas they are my fave animals.

  2. That picture makes me feel sad. Not funny at all.

  3. This also makes me sad............. they shouldn't be there

  4. i rather them in the care of loving zookeppers then in the open where some very irresponsible chinese will hunt and poach them till they are non existant
    (i am chinese)

  5. I am 100% with Alex. If zoos do not keep and try to breed endangered species we will lose them altogether. And Pandas are not people in attractive fur coats. They would not be holding down a responsible job, driving around in fast cars and going to nightclubs if they were not there.

    Provided the zoo does its best to create a reasonable replica of their environment, feeds them properly and tries to keep them entertained they will be very happy pandas.

    Just like my dogs, who love living here, have no desire to go anywhere except to accompany me on walks, and mostly lounge about the place sleeping.

    Proper zoos (as opposed to exploitation zoos) do a fine and valuable job, and deserve our enthusiastic support. Only people without much real experience of animals could fail to see that.

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