Turtle Burger

7 Responses to "Turtle Burger"

  1. It is a tortoise not a turtle, just thought you should know.

  2. Oh, get over yourself, sweetheart, nobody gives a rip.

  3. this is really crazy, funny hahahhaa. I wonder what that turtle is thinking...

  4. Haha yeah it's cute. (:

    I'm guessing it's photoshopped though... 'cause aren't tortoises' and turtles' backbones, like, on the top of their shell? I dunno though~.

  5. martha, it says its photoshopped

  6. Im glad its just photoshopped ..
    I'd be so mad if it was a real turtle ..

  7. It wouldn't be funny if it was a tortoise burger.....this just rolls of the tongue better even if not 100% accurate.

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