Spewing Garbage

Trash Television Graffiti

Street Art by Sharik

6 Responses to "Spewing Garbage"

  1. In Soviet Russia TV gets garbage from you!

    Seriously, some Russian people simply throw their TVs into garbage. Internet, books, friends, periodicals.

  2. I always thought people claiming "I don't watch tv at all I like internet" are stupid. TV is one of source of information and tv may get any info you need just click on needed chanel like in internet. If you Russian27 are from people what I describded above you are stupid asshole.

  3. @Russian25 Show me a button that leads to constructive opposition in Russia. Case closed.

    P. S. TV makes you irrational, neurasthenic and aggressive.

  4. @Russia25 - People who don't watch TV are stupid assholes? LMAO You must be the stupid asshole. Do some research. Statistically, people without television tend to have higher intelligence. Argue it all you want, but the data supports it.

    As for the "art", I think it's a very sad reflection on today's society.

  5. Depends what society you live in. For example in a poor country, the rich and educated people would have better access to television and therefor news, cultural references and all matters of knowledge hidden from the tv-less population.

    but it 2/3rds of this world, the tube is just rotting peoples brains away ... and now so is the internet apparently lol

  6. @Cody - LOL!!

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