Tongue Tattoo

Tongue Tattoo

Digital Art Image by Paul Roberts

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  1. i dont believe it, gotta be faked

  2. Uh, says photoshop in the tags numbskull

  3. Yioo man like WTF .. is thi gurl crazyy or sum .. likee wow ... that must hurttt wow ... hahah but its a nice tatoo....

  4. You can tatoo your tounge but this one is probably fake.

  5. its not fake i got one

  6. Even though this is photoshopped.
    Its a beautiful idea.

  7. had those kids tatoos and took a phota bunch of people thought it was real

  8. this a fake one it's me on the picture

  9. itΒ΄s very geil <<<

  10. i have on dammmm it killes

  11. for God's Sake, hehehehehhehehehe its PhotoShoppp,

  12. geez people, learn to read lol.

  13. 1 word ugly

  14. you ppl are all idiots

  15. its fake guys lol wow... its a very cool FAKE picture, stay in school peeps!!

  16. this is crazy!
    its coool but if
    yu reli did get that
    done it would reli hurt !
    (: <3

  17. if its real waw if not waw w/e it is i think its amayzing
    .?..skills or what..?.
    xox luv me xox

  18. Ofcourse it's photoshopped..
    You cannot put so much detail in a tattoo on your tongue, it's not possible!
    If you would try it, it would become one big blurr..
    For real tongue tattoos go to

    That all said.. it's a nice picture

  19. is still awsome

  20. i don't really need to say anything guys have said it's fake...most of you are idiots..i don't believe the girl that said it was HER in the picture, but i do love the red lips to go with the awesome tat..

  21. Do any of you know how to write proper English or something somewhat resembling English, at all? This display of ignorance AND stupidity is quite disconcerting. Just because it is the internet does not mean that one is not required to use coherent sentences and proper punctuation. Please, try harder at presenting yourself and people will take you seriously for once. Ideas should not be said with broken syntax and horrible diction.

    Please, try to be real people for your own sake.

  22. thats wicked cool can you actually have it done i want

  23. who ever jennifer is must have a sad life proper english my iq is hundred and forty two and i dont use PROPER ENGLISH

  24. Szerintem nagyon jΓ³!!

  25. omg that is fake

  26. this tattoo is definately fake, theres too much detail in it. I have my tongue tattooed with writing its nearly two years old and it un readable and has been retouched twice....nice but ....fake..

  27. mas trucho inposible
    como si la gente no se diera cuenta
    de que esta re falsificado

  28. wow well cool. if it was real

  29. ew

  30. ok for the last time, this one is fake.. its impossible to make such a tattoo on a tongue... im a tattoist, i know... but its not easy when you dont know better;)

  31. this is so fake. i happen to know a tattoo artist very well and he said there is no way that they could put that much ink into your tongue.

  32. that was incredible.....!!!
    but i think that's fake..
    just only tough girl can do that art

    so, i just want to know how to make the tongue keep dry.
    did the artist have to wash the hand all the time...

  33. i like tattoo but i from iran

  34. k wtf! thats so fake you guys dumb like seriously!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I love how no one acknowledges the fact that the "tat" is an actual painting in itself. Lmao. That's kinda sad when people are more concerned with debunking a good thing than take the time to admire the great art and creativity of an artist's work

    Oh and to all the ppl who have been called idiots for thinking its real or b!#ched at for bad spelling and grammar? You voiced your opinion and thats what counts ^_~

  36. OhGod, You can't tattoo you're tongue and if it can,
    under the picture, Photoshop

  37. And ofcourse it's fake, but you don't need to reply that,
    I think the picture is awsome..

  38. Thats tooooo detailed to be on a tongue, soooo fake.

  39. High Five For Photo Shop ** πŸ˜€ x **

  40. Photoshop certainly can make things look oh so much better than they ever will be.
    The art in itself most definitely is beautiful. Seriously people though, come on, if anyone of you who think this is real know ANYthing about tattoos, then im sure you would know this is impossible.
    With that said it is a nice picture with the credit of photoshop because photoshop is guaranteed to make anything better than it really is.

  41. Yeah, kinda gross.

  42. Typos aside, I can't believe how many of you can't spell or use proper grammar.

  43. yes this is photoshop,
    and tongue tattoos are IMPOSSIBLE to have done.
    this is because the needle would destroy your taste buds,
    and rub off the skin

  44. i have never seen a collection of such stupid comments in my life

  45. yeah me to

  46. I think it is an awesome picture, but yeah it is fake. I do tattoos and it is not possible to put that much ink onto a tongue.
    Plus it says PHOTOSHOP!

  47. its the artistic mind of a genious to produce this kind of display and provoke these comments.

  48. esta re loka la puta estaaaaa

  49. Thats a really cool idea, i read up on it and ive been told it doesn't hurt, even though it's fake or what ever it's pretty nice. πŸ™‚

  50. how do u do that i love tattoos but oh my god how do people sit through that it looks cool though

  51. wow!!! eso si que duele!!
    pero esta muy bueno!
    X ) -- n_n'

  52. I think the art that would go into this would be absolutely amazing, I love it, I'm not sure how high it would be on a pain scale haha, but still, it's a great idea, but I'll let others around me try it first, nice creativity!!!!

  53. Esta bellesa pero creo que lo hicieron en potoshop

  54. NO WAY ! that is sooo cool. i want one 2!

  55. bellissimo fosse vero!!!!

  56. oh my this is funny how divvy can people get?

  57. nice teeth et tatooo

  58. I didn't read the tags either and at first i thought it was fake. But i remembered that tattoos on the lip only last a couple of days or a couple of weeks. (cant remember which) so i figured the same would be true with tongues as well.

  59. WoW!
    i would be SO freaked out to have that done!
    Dont they have FakE tounge tattoos?
    even if it was real... OW!

  60. oh my god this is hott.
    i wish it were real
    its sexy
    it would look hott with like her tounge pierced

  61. muy bueno πŸ™‚

  62. I agree with Jennifer, have you people not learned anything in english class? I mean, you guys should really practice composing a message and using correct punctuation!! Come on now..if your going to leave a message talking about the tattoo on her tongue it might help if we can read it!! πŸ™‚ DUH...

  63. this is a really wonderful work of art

  64. urrrrrrrrr i dont want one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. sexy tattoo....
    crazy tattoo...

  66. great photo manipulation skills πŸ™‚

  67. lush picture... i wish these things were possible, its all good though its given me some great idea's for messing around on photoshop. Watch this space! πŸ˜›

  68. damn badass shit u have there

  69. Ok I'm in dental hygiene school and all I can think of is cancer, please do not get your tongue tattooed! If you were so unfortunate as to get oral cancer, which is extremely deadly if not detected early, not to mention horrilby painful to treat, you would want to be able for your dentist or hygienist to see it! Which would be rather difficult to discern if it is covered in ink! Pick one of the other millions areas of your body to tattoo, please! Furthermore, there is no research on tattooing muscles, it could be really bad for the rest of your body too...ok that said, it is a really cool pic!

  70. i have to admit that tat looks sofakinghaute.

    shocking but, true πŸ™‚

  71. oh my gosh, this comment thread is hilarious. it surely made my morning. thanks to all πŸ™‚ oh, and in my opinion, a tounge tattoo would be freakin' sexy πŸ˜‰

  72. I like Tattoo but not allowed in our Religion

  73. No i guess its not fake bt woteva it is its awesome rite guys??

  74. i think this is coooollllll....way to express there feelings

  75. Either its fake or not its still a cool Picture.. Beside someone probably will copy it in real life lol...

  76. I think it's beautiful ! sirChicO one

  77. Lmao, for those of you who thinks this is real, you must seriously be stupid. But it's still a beautiful picture, great job πŸ™‚

  78. that a bit dumb inni
    i bit it is fak
    but if it waz rel it must hav hurts

  79. very nice

  80. This is never going to be real so stop lying to people tricks and go do something more constructive with your life playa.

  81. This is not real. If it is real, whoever had the heart to get it accomplished is mad hard. This had to burn, hurt, ache, and sting. This has made my day. I don't believe my eyes. What is this world coming to. Show a video of this being done to make people believe this mess is real. I done seen a lot of scary mess in my day, but nothing compares to that.

  82. that ones fake but if you get a tounge tattoo or lip one they wear off because they get wet constantly this would never last like getting a tattoo on the bottom of your foot. (sweat)

  83. okay, yes this is photoshopped.
    you dumba**es who apparently cant tell the difference.
    One: It looks completely fake.
    Two: It says photoshopped below the picture.

    Either way, for you jerks out there, this is an amazing picture. Photoshopped or not, give the gal some credit for putting something together so incredible.

    nice work πŸ™‚

  84. your an idiot that had to hurt!!!!

  85. wat r u all guys jumping bout?? off coz its fake.. if its real she's trying to kill her self ...

  86. Clearly the pic is fake... however, the idea is brilliant and the pic great. Stop hating people, Damn! Oh yeah, very nice mouth.

  87. dili man ni siya tinood gi photoshop rani siya... kung gusto mo mag pa tattoo sa dila mura ramog nag pakamatay... sabot!

  88. ma ovo je grozno,ali lepo izgleda

  89. ma ovo je

  90. Hmmm, photo works great as a piece of art, does anyone know what the painting is? I recognise it but just cant think.

  91. I am sad at the display of stupidity in these comments.

  92. the comments really JUSTIFY the name of the website.

  93. ahah ,
    this is way fake ,
    or photo shoped to the MAX
    for one no one has teeth that good ,and white
    and lip stick that's, that nice,

  94. that shit looks sick ! i dont think it's real.

  95. Keren bngt tu tatoo, selain dilidah ad lg g' tmpt yg bs ditatoo??? misal di selaput mata brang x....????!!!!!

  96. if she stuck her tongue out .. from far away it would look like puke!

  97. Yes, It is photoshopped.
    1. says it in the 'Tags'
    2. I doubt a tattoo gun could get THAT far back on someones tongue.
    3. The veins in your tongue, Obviously if they got punctured, they could be paralized for life.

  98. Dear "Dylyverance",
    First of all, congratulations on your reading skills. Secondly, veins are vessels that carry that red stuff some call "blood." In this case if the lingual artery or vein were punctured, I'm pretty sure it would only cause a hemmorhage and not paralysis. In order to paralyze the tongue, you would somehow need to sever the hypoglossal NERVE. But I guess ignorance is bliss.

  99. yes, we all know its photoshopped, but its an ACE idea, no? im sure its possible. in fact, im certain. this has just given me another tattoo to think over...

  100. None of you people should be allowed to reproduce!

  101. That's so gotta be fake! But really cool lookin at the same time.

  102. are u serious wateva u not that bold to do that......i wouldnt want that in the first place. get a ring on it

  103. omg its so real my aunty has one like it actually is possible like its nearly the exact same at this one !!!!!!!it is real :):):)

  104. This photo was created with photoshop. It says so in the tag.
    You suckered people are morons.

  105. dude! that's sick!

  106. veramente favoloso!!

  107. well its beautiful an i still cant believe

  108. this tat looks sick i have one in my tongue but s a lil heart it doesnt hurt at all

  109. woww thts nuts!
    and sexiiii.
    i want onee!
    but like a cupcake or sumthing.

  110. yo.....datz ma mommmiee i waz dere wen day did dat...... she couldnt eat fo a week;;;;;; :]]

  111. oh god i thought that was real ))) looks kool though!

  112. thats fakeee,
    it says photoshop in the tagss.
    looks cool though, gotta give you props. (:

  113. la verdad es que yo no lo creo

  114. I hope one day this might be possible. Everyone deserves beautiful art like this. I know of a few new prototype tattoo machines that could possibly produce this kind of work. Amazing machines really, very quiet, and less painful. But until the bugs are worked out I guess we're stuck with photoshpped pipe dreams of what could be..

  115. Who cares if it's real or not it's fantastic either way πŸ™‚

  116. But anyway you have to believe. You dont know it is real tattoo or photoshopped. So why not believe that it is possible to have such a beutiful tongue πŸ˜‰

    p.s. by the way, what is that picture about?

  117. Don't understand why people over embellish their body. It's already miraculous enough. Nothing can match what already is there.

  118. I am the only one seeing the word "photoshopped"?

    Still pretty cool though...

  119. ok ok ok... whoever wrote the " you all need to speak proper english" thing does NOT have a life and ur a fathead. the artistry in the tattoo is frickin amazing!!!!! I'm in love with it and it is also just a really cool thing to think of...i never even thought of a tattoo on the tongue!!! BALLIN!!!


  121. think tattoo can made in any part of body but how could it b possible tattooing in tongue..m shocked.....

  122. Are you guys serious? it's not a fake, nor is it real. it's just a beautifully photoshopped picture, just as the tags suggests... geez

  123. je ne pense pas que ce tattoo soit reel
    celui quyi la fait peit il comment il a fait
    je le trouve très beau justement trop beau pour etre vrai

  124. I can just imagine tryin to hold your tongue out long enough to do that lmao

  125. thats so sick dude. thatd be cool if you could get it for real but its a cool picture.i woulda put more blue n purplish colors in the brown part cuz from a distance it looks dry lol. but either way it looks beautiful. i love it

  126. i think it looks pretty cool!!!!

  127. That Jennifer grammar punctuation chick.

    Your a looozzzzeeerrr yes i spelt it wrong. Call the copz

  128. omg well gross i hope it not real! But the tattoo artist is well good lol!x

  129. I think thats actually pretty cool, real or photoshop

  130. can you do this for real?
    tattoo on tongue?

  131. This is photoshop clearly. For the people that do not beleive me: The tong is not made of skin so tattooing is unpossible. Also the tong is made up out of very small taste bud's. they are to big to make a detailt tattoo like that on a tongue

  132. you can sure tattoo a tong, but there's too mutch litle details on this one for it to be real. it's photoshoped.
    anyway, that's pretty cool...

  133. oh my goodness. That is a beautiful piece of art. Obviously photoshopped. Pretty obvious that its not possible. To that proper english chick, grow up and get over yourself. Great picture! Nice job! Comments made me laugh πŸ™‚ ppl are seriously stupid if they thought this was real. And the teeth and lipstick probably aren't photoshopped it is possible to have white teeth and good lipstick especially if it was applied just for a picture. But not possible to have that on your tongue. I think I said it all. Love the pic:)

  134. Thank god for Photo Shop πŸ™‚ nice job do

  135. It is computer work NICE

  136. hmm..

  137. I am a tattoo artist and that my friends is FAKE!!!!! The human tongue is very difficult to tattoo and detials like that would not come as seem. Plus there are no pores on that tongue...sure they tried to make it look like there were but that is a bull photo! nice but bull!

  138. That is definitely fake. A tattoo that small is impossible because of all the detail, and tattoos anywhere in the mouth fade easily because it's too wet inside and the tattoo doesn't heal very well. And tattoos on the tongue are difficult enough.

  139. To that proper english chick, grow up and get over yourself

  140. I'ts photoshopped but if someone would do that it would hurt alot and it would be so cool

  141. jesus christ, everyone knows its freaking photoshopped!! why dont you people start commenting on how clever this is instead of insulting each other and trying to sound clever.

  142. This Is Hot!! Wuld Be Even Hotter If It Was Real!!

  143. it's spelled tongue !!!!! not toungue /tounge or wtf u idiots are writing. omg !!

  144. Thats one hottt tattoo, i no i no, its photoshopped,
    but who cares, like looking at it,
    its sexy.
    i have 2 tats, one on each shoulder blade.
    a dragon and a scorpion.

  145. its a photoshopped tattoo. as someone who knows photoshop very well, i know how they did that, its quite simple but its very fake.

  146. this is totally fabolous i want this as well it's really dread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Woow. xP. ! The picture its verry Crazy [

  148. u could get cancer...if u did that to ur tongue.. chemical stuff from color in your sensitive part.. better not..

  149. saludos.

  150. Wow..... I want to kiss her....

  151. que loco aapoco deberas se puede tatuar la lengua uffffffffffffffffffffffffff que dolor nooo...............

  152. if it was real ill get somethin like that

  153. i am a tattoo artist my self, and that tattoo CAN`T be done, its inpossible.

  154. muy boenu cheee!!

  155. fuori-di-LINGUA

  156. i know it's photoshop...but can you really get one?? i would. it's crazy awewsome!

  157. 100% fake :p

  158. Does anyone actually know then name of the painting she used to put on the tongue? i know i have seen it before but cant remember

  159. that is painfull

  160. my neighbour has one

  161. WOWWWWWWW dat da hottiest tat i eva seen but idk if dat real or nott butt still hottt im not gonna putt dat shyt on meh oh hell no but it dat shyt

  162. looks like a big hit of old school acit or mussolein trip on

  163. thats sexi πŸ˜‰ evenif its photoshop

  164. Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL very funny if it was real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. wow .... ouch ......... itz soh. hurt.

  166. I want one exactly like this one!

  167. can i use this for my album cover in technology at school please?
    god amazing but....gotta hurt yowch!

  168. Has anyone actually read the caption below the picture?
    It is awesome work, just not by a tattooist.

  169. esta reeeeeeeeeee bueno
    es true

  170. its amazing you can still eat with it its coooooooool!!!!!!

  171. Trust me this is fake. I do tattoos. You cant get colors this brilliant on the toungue. And look at the image tags right below it. Photoshopped lol

  172. it"s damn good if it s real if not its damn nice

  173. photoshop rox!
    i wanna lick that tongue
    oh and i like turtles!

  174. This is just fake, but still nice idea.l Its not possible to make a tattoo that deep inside her mouth?? you can see its tattoo whole her tongue, and its to risky to do that πŸ˜› just to think about a nail stick on your own tongue, i whould prop. say ouch and pull myself back, and that whould make a small line of ink on my tongue XD

  175. ahahha i love how like 100 people mention how its photoshopped and people are still wondering if its real. lmao πŸ™‚
    coool as piccc.

  176. aii por favor lo que debe doler en la lengua por favorr!!!!!yo ni loka me hago un tattoo en la lengua

  177. desearia saber como carajos fue elprocedimiento de este tatto si porlo menos pasaran un video o unas fotos del procedimiento sera vacanisismo

  178. como teve tanta coragen de tattuar a lΓ­ngua

  179. it might not be fake ive got one it didnt hurt that much mind you you get used to it just felt weird.

  180. Kool image ... very kool.

  181. Ok so we get the frikkin idea that its been photoshopped, we get the idea that it is possible and will hurt! ppl can punctuate their sentences as they want to for heavens sake! And b4 u al get on ur high horses, do sum research b4 u make a moron of urselves!

    jus admire creative talent, brilliant editing dude.. =)
    peace x xx x

  182. Daz real sad...... But yet i diggin it.... lol



  185. she needs therapy....for damm sure son

  186. OMG ? ,
    Deees is wel groaaf zne , amj , Kwil later ook wel ene zne ,
    Ma wel nie op men tong ze ! ;D ,
    Kwil een Pin-Up girl ! (ll)
    Okaj , swel Moooj !x ,
    x DaniaK.

  187. I think its amazing.. god some of you people need to learn to live a little!!

  188. hahahah people actually think this is real it says photoshop rite therr lol but it wud be very beautfiul if it was real
    ive seen this painting somewhere

  189. Come on people, can you at least spell tongue right!!! lol

  190. unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

  191. is dat 4 real???????????????????????

  192. Man....some people are so gullable.

  193. woww wish it was real man. kind of lol

  194. i dont believe it

  195. although tongue tattoos are becoming more and more common - it is next to impossible to get that amount of detail, on such a small space, for one. and impossible to get that colour and clarity on such a pourous surface. so don't be fooled!

  196. thats fake idiotz!

  197. i have a tongue tattoo

    it didnt hurt on the tongue clamp

    you drool like a dog getting it

    tongue heals itself too quickly too hold
    too much colour and detail for this to be real on the tongue
    as any tattoo artist will tell you

  198. who ever thinks this is real your dumbb

  199. that looks pretty darn real to me!


  201. wow .i wana get one of those

  202. Can't anyone here read?
    It says right in the tags that this is Photoshopped.
    It's fake. It's suppose to be fake.
    Get a life losers.
    It's not real.
    Get it?

  203. Honestly you can't jugde a book by it's cover but that looks DOPE!

  204. Defenately a pro-photoshopper! {Proved by the people who believe this is super real} Haha, respect for this, See ya x

  205. he lona linyoana!!!!!!!! you guys are such stupid freaks,y are you waisting so much time commenting on a stupid pic, get a life. lisatane!!!!!

  206. me encanto el de la lengua!!!

  207. dear god, Ive never seen such a horrifying collection of poor grammer, spelling, and downright incoherent nonsense! Best part of this whole thing is half of the people arguing and calling everyone on here stupid were among the worse! A few of you actually exhibited intelligence and a pleasant air about you, and I appreciate that greatly. :3

    As for the rest of you?

    Just.... think. Please. For your own sakes... dont let your mind go to waist.

  208. I imagine (if it's real) than it probably looks pretty up close, but from far away it probably looks like her tongue is rotting off... eww.

    By the way shade, if these people were so incoherent they probably didn't understand a word you said.... best dumb it down for those of us idiots.

  209. shade.... waste

  210. she really didn't have anything to do...........if it's's dat gonna look when she get's OLD

  211. Who the heck would want their tongue tattooed anyway?
    it wil probably be more painful than getting shot or something.

  212. thts such a good idea..i want a tattoo on my tongue it even possible to do tht???..i dont like the design doe...
    ..sara.: the most painful places to get tatooed are bony areas like your foot or near ure spine or shoulder i think the tongue wouldnt hurt as much.

  213. Its a really beautiful piece of photoshopping. Really, thats a VERY impressive image.

  214. hey thats naste

  215. Jennifer, your a bubbling idot. your grammer isnt even correct.. u have many mistakes in there.... 2 spaces between sentences. dumb as

  216. Calm Down People Its Not End Of Uni That We Found A Realistic Thing To Bow Down To! I Bow Down To The Toungue Not God

  217. I think this is a Kool design but it is fake. like u see lil Wayne with tattoos but u dont see him with a tattoo on his tongue tho.

  218. its fake but you can get them done

  219. poster for Jennifer's Body anyone?

    ding! Megan Fox

    fake, but Very nice work

  220. i think its a beautiful idea i love it probably hurt if it is real and she probably cant taste right any more πŸ™‚ and what if she wants to wear a different shade of lipstick but cant cuz it dont match ??

  221. It's amazing but I don't believe it either. It's not a nice organ to tattoo, it's way too maleable you would have to "stick" your tongue on something to stay still and plus you would die of pain...

  222. it's amazing but y don't either.

  223. VERY NICE

  224. von wem ist dieses Bild??? Ich suche den KΓΌnstler, hat jemand eine Ahnung?


  226. To the p.e. girl I have this fingure third from the left and the right and right now it's turned to u !!! ENJOY!!!!!!! I hate dumb b****es like u

  227. Anyway I think it's a cool fake tattoo;)

  228. i talked to miami ink and la ink it is acctually possible to get a tattoo like this on ur tongue its just got a process to healing.

    Tongue tattooing takes one to three weeks to heal thoroughly. For the first few days it feels somewhat sensitive but later on a crust of skin develops which gradually flakes off. In this period the colours used in the tattoos may appear pale or odd but there is nothing to worry about as they are normal. Tattoos on tongue take a long time to heal as the tongue is slightly tender. Therefore if proper hygiene is not maintained then the possibility of infection is there. To prevent tongue infection, the tattoo should be kept clean.

    In the starting few days when the crust of skin is grown there is a slight pain but after flaking off the skin the new tattoo will appear to be shinier giving a waxy appearance. After this the look of the tongue tattoo the tongue comes to its normal look and texture. Just by keeping a few points in mind a person can actually get the best tongue tattoo without any pain. It not only makes you stand out of crowd but also adds a stylish and trendy appearance to your chiasm.

  229. Π΄Π°, ΠΏΠΈ*Π΄Π°Ρ‚ΠΎ =)

  230. dont forget..

  231. it is AMEJING

  232. i have the real tongue tatoo teacher right here beside me and she says its impossible.:) thank god.

  233. Well, I would like to comments a few words on tattooing whether its a tongue or anywhere on the body, its not good to tattoo on a body it means ur insulting the creation of God, by the way muslims those who know the real reason they wont tattoo, coz muslims pray 5 times a day, if tattoaed their prayer is not accepted by Allah, coz the Ablution before the prayer will not be accepted coz water doesnt touch the place where it is tattoed, so how come the prayer will be accepted, well everyone has thier own comments so this was mine,

  234. But nowadays it became a fashion to tattooed for any religion , and more over in scientific reason the skin becomes very bad in older age than the person whose body is not tattooed, so better not to tattoo

  235. well dont spoil your body skin

  236. It as to be fack it is a poster on the computer too. I have never ever seen someone have a tattoo on their tunge???? It is stupid to get a tattoo on your tunge??? It is alegle too.

  237. wat the hell u got there woman people like u mad...


  239. this is for jennifer and meggn who gives a shit about your proper english and yess the tattoo is fake wtf

  240. I have a question for you tattoo artists out there. Where is the most sensitive / painful places on your body to get some ink? I just got my first tattoos yesterday; the names of my two precious babies on the inner forearm, starting from just below the crease of each elbow extending downward to about 2 1/2 inches above my wrists. The most painful part of the work for me was up in the area close to the inner elbow. I want my next tattoo to be fairly large Celtic / old Irish Catholic style cross on my upper back, down my spine, and extending across onto my shoulder blades. I was just wondering if the pain would be worse than the inner elbow area. I can handle the pain, I just don't know for how long. Any advice would be much appreciated. Also I want a small tattoo on the inside of my bottom lip, and would like to know if that's possible? It's just a small little something that wouldn't require much detail. anyway, I would like to say that the artistry and skill you artists possess is a truly amazing talent! Sorry for the extremely lengthy and detailed comment, and I hope I didn't make too many grammatical errors Jen πŸ˜‰ and waheed, 142, wow that's impressive brother! Take care everybody and all my brothers out there stay on the square

  241. This is obviously fake. You can get a tat on your tongue but not with all this detail.

  242. Hey, Jesse I was thinking about getting a tattoo. Just a little question, is it real painful?

  243. so nice...

  244. i am a tattoist yes we can put tats inside the mouth but not this detailed for one there is no needles small enough to get this detailed for such a small canvas im sorry if you said i got something like this on you...YOU ARE LYING !!!!

  245. Why do I have such little faith in humanity? "See above".

  246. its a nice work of art... if you read the tag it clearly says photoshop for all you that want to waste your time typing photoshop lmao... nice pic tho

  247. i think it's all fake but then i dont know i think they should tell the fricken truth

  248. for all those who want to get it, do a research first about body organs you'll definetely get what your looking for. besides i don't think it's real

  249. photoshop u special kids.... im worried how retarded some people are...

  250. lalalalalalalalalalala, Angelina. (:

  251. fake but it is a nice tatto

  252. omg that tattoo is so cool but its fake

  253. Can you even get a tattoo on your tongue

  254. Coooooel!

  255. holy heck that must hurt

  256. Bloody hell that must suck bug fat japs eye.

  257. Maybe some day this will be possible with nano surgery. But how would you ever enjoy sweet potato pie again? Maybe android slaves will have this feature at slaves R us, as humanity slides into suspension tank oblivion.

  258. Hey everyone I know it's a bit late. I can put you out of your misery.
    I put this image together in Photoshop. Nice to see all of your comments.

  259. It a really good tongue tattoo and also scary it might reall hurts That was really brave............. πŸ™‚

  260. What is the picture of in the photo shoped tongue?

  261. awsome...can you get this done?? i know this is photoshopped but its really cool

  262. hey atleast ke$ha has got one!i wish i had one man,i am d photoshopped tough.lolzzzzzzzzzz:)

  263. i mean atleast d photoshopped tounge!

  264. All of you stfu even if it is fake so wat bitches are always judgeing. just shut up if you dnt hve nothing nice to say about the darn thing then just dont say nothing at all..dirty hampsters!!!!

  265. Im out diz bitch one more thing stfu bitch and do ya own damn thing all yall some damn shit faces.get a got damn life go have some babies or some and stop the hating dumb hoes...but the ones that aint hatin on my gurl tatto show love to you Blacchyna!!!

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  268. This is very cool, how to do it on tongue, how pain

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