Pillow Fight Weapons

Plush Weapons Shaped Pillows

Designed by Bryan Ku

Combat Gnome

Combat Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome by Shawn Thorsson

Found via Moggit

Bud Chucks

Budweiser Nunchucks

‘American Ninja’ by Chen Chen & Kai Tsien Williams

Shark Gauntlet

Shark Gauntlet

Found at Sad And Useless

Thanks to J Allen

Taser Probe

Taser Probe

Found at 55tools

Replica Javelin

Javelin Rocket Launcher Replica

Replica Rocket Launcher by Peter Clute

Whittled Weapons

Wood Carved Gun

Wood Carved Grenade

Carvings by Ben Turnbull

Felted Weapons

Felted Nunchucks

Felted Grenade

Felted Weapons by MP industries