Speedos Only

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  1. I didn't know that the Finnish words for "No" and "Yes" are the same as in English. I thought "No" would be "Neneninananunolainen"; "Yes" would be "Jabadabadueieiei"

    I have seen these signs in other parts of Europe like France and Poland.

    Anyway, if men do not have a speedo, then it's "Nanananaheiheigudabai."

  2. "No" is "Ei" and "Yes" is "Kyllä" in Finnish. "Muistathan, että shortsit ei ole uima-asu" is something like "Please remember that shorts aren't a swimsuit"
    “Neneninananunolainen” and “Jabadabadueieiei” don't mean anything.
    My mother tongue is Finnish so I should know. 🙂

  3. i thought it said: "Make sure you remove these!"
    btw, i am a nudist.

  4. Rocky: TMI

  5. M, your stupidity and ignorance hurt my brain. Just because your not smart enough to understand other languages does not make them gibberish.

  6. hooray for budgie-smugglers! ...ew.

  7. Those signs should be at every pool and beach in America!

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