Military Down Time

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  1. All I can think is, "Don't ask, don't tell."

  2. Perhaps they think they are 'In The Navy"

  3. Perhaps you dont know much about the current military.. Navy no longer has a higher statistic of gay men. Why is that? Because of those situations.. And for the simple fact that its okay now.. Who cares.. This picture is hilarious. And i'm not meaning to say any of them are gay. Just some people are ignorant!

  4. Haha! I think you missed Hestheone's point, Belle.

  5. belle your a fag why you bein such a girl about it let hesteone say wat he wants and stop bein such a little herb

  6. Hestheone might have been making a reference to the village people
    as in "Y M C A"

  7. wow belle...can you be more of a bitch?

  8. I agree with Belle, and that comes from having family in the Navy, Air Force and the Army. So yeah the navy doesnt have the highest % of gay men. So stop being immature and homophobic!!! On a lighter note, this picture is FANTASTIC!

  9. Wow Belle... lol

    This must be the dumbest corner of the internet. The guy was making a song reference to the song 'In The Navy' by the Village People. And as we all know... The Village People are extremely gay.

    Perhaps you don't know much about anything...

  10. Your tax dollars at work. ยฌยฌ

    P.S. It is a good idea, anyhow.

  11. hahaha, they spell "D.I.C.K"

  12. you're observant renzo..

  13. Hahahah that is awesome i didn't even realize it said dick i just thought they were goofing around that makes the picture 10times better

  14. MARINES.... not surprised. they dont have a name tape on theyr ass for nothing

  15. who cares... they love D.I.C.K so let they be. Thats the stupid US marines

  16. United States Marines fight for your freedom and youre gonna call them fags cuz they makin a joke? i fought in vietnam 67 68 and 69 war is terrible and sometimes boring so we make jokes you bitches
    2nd BTN 1 DIV Ooorah Semper Fi Do or Die

  17. Joke? nah..
    they were probably just making a postcard
    for a stateside friend named Richard.

    thinking of you, wish you were here ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. He he this is funny ๐Ÿ™‚ I think everyone should stop being so technical its all just for fun!

  19. I have family members that are in all branches of the military. I don't care who you are or who any of you know. This picture is hilarious. No where in this picture, is it calling any branches gay. Every branch is known for something, whether it may be true or a myth... I personally think the people who are looking at this and have no sense of humour... These soldiers fight for your life and freedom. They fight for you to have the right to even be on your computer. So STFU!! Take a damn joke!

  20. Can I just point out that this isn't really a 'joke' ? It's not funny and it's the sort of thing we did when we were in school, if anything it shows that the army is mainly composed by idiots. Your average soldier is violent, ignorant and a social misfit, and in recent years they have just been a tool to protect the intersts of the rich greedy old men in power. Anyone who makes themself a tool in that way is a fool. And we haven't been the good guys for a long time so get the idea out of your heads that we're like heroes crusading around the world protecting the weak.
    But most importantly this joke is really lame

  21. D.I.C.K in the military stands for Dedicated Infantry Combat Killer in the military world guys.

  22. "Hellloooo" You are officially an idiot. Have you ever been deployed to the desert with nothing to do BUT make the best of it? Even if it is finding a human way to spell out "Dick". There are fine people all over the service who give up time with their families for a year at a time. "It's not funny waaaaaah". Give me a break.

  23. are you kidding me?! these people are fighting for your lives this very second and all you guys can say is "fags"? they were kidding around. Besides, they have the RIGHT to kid around. theyve served their country. how dare you people. learn some RESPECT

  24. my dad is in the army and i know they get REALLY bored over there sometimes so maybe this was them trying to get their minds off people dying for a little while, its just funny people who flip out cause someone says 'gay' and Navy Airforce Army or Marines can we all just shut the hell up and laugh and not take everything so seriously

  25. lol i think this is hilarious!!! screw all of you that r bein immature and saying this is stupid this is great the only thing is see here is a couple guys havin some fun

  26. Wow. Belle I have to agree with you. Hestheone you seriously need a reality check. The people in the Navy have twice the man in them as you do in their pinky fingers. Why don't you just go crawl back under that rock you've been living under. And all you other hater's you're just as bad as Hestheone.

  27. This may be funny, but there are hidden sins behind their eyes. Think outside the box people, they need humor during this time and happiness. If they go into depression think of how hard it'll be on them when they are faced with gruesome things...

  28. Trololol typical marines

  29. @Helooooooo. You're the idiot bud. Firstly, they're Marines, not Soldiers. Secondly, I'd like to see you join the military. Probably too scared to fight for your freedom than to let guys like them or me do it for you. We (members of U.S military) didn't stand in the M.E.P.S. raise our right hands and say "I'm an un-educated asshole that wants to fight in this war for nothing at all but the satisfaction of greedy old men". When it's the end of the day, and all the work is done, stuff like this blows off steam really well. I'm in the Marines airwing, and we work 7 months straight, 15 hours a day, 7 days a week when we deploy. Think about what we actually do in country before you decide to say something like this again please. HMH-362 Ugly Angels

  30. Lolol, My mom noticed before me they spelled dick...This is a very good idea for my school picture ๐Ÿ˜ would they notice?

  31. once a marine always a marine. but seriously which branch is looking for a few good men. LOL funny PIC

  32. its all in good fun. my husband sends me pics all the time of them goofy off acting like this. its boredom. they fight, barely sleep, and have nothing to truly occupy their time... i find it funny, not gay. tax dollars at work.. you realize that they do get time to themselves to rest right? this is personal time... just like you get to go home to see your family, sleep, go out and drink... whatever. they dont get that.

  33. Empty minds & Empty souls

  34. @Helloooooo get over yourself man! These guys and girls are fighting for the USA, a country you and I are damn lucky to live in.Let them have fun when they can.Grow a pair and join up, support them, or get the hell out. How did you come across this picture in the first place? These people are trying to do something good with their lives or at the very least are trying to make something of themselves. Whether or not you agree with the reason for the war should not matter when it comes to supporting the men and women in our military. Guess what... it wasnt their idea to go and start a war! If you dont stand with our troops feel free to stand in front of them!

  35. and for gods sae people the in the navy thing was clearly a referance to the village people! Its a song! relax

  36. Nobody is "hateing " on the navy. Ive got nothing but love for all branches of the military. ITS A SONG.

  37. LOL.... Dedicated Infantry Combat Killer.. DICK

  38. paul.
    you made my day and everything you have so far is so true. Thanks and god bless our soldiers

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  40. Actually, I thought the guys were rather clever coming up with this! And, yeah, it's so clearly just a group of young bored guys having a bit of fun who happen to be Marines. I did like the comment above about it being a postcard for a bud named "Richard" (aka "Dick") -- kinda funny there, too. Is this the most hilarious thing I ever saw? No. It is amusing however. In a silly sort of way. For all those taking it all so serious blah blah blah....oh puh-leeze!! Is this sophomoric humour? Duh! Yeah! Is that bad? No!

  41. I remember when I was in Iraq and when we had some downtime,you would have fun anyway that you can. Because you were going to be there for long periods of time. There's no" I'm tired and I going home!". You signed your name on that dotted line committing yourself to see it through. I would do it over again if the Navy would let me reenlist at my age.

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