Snowboarding Is Fun!

Full Body Cast

Photo by Koen Demuynck

13 Responses to "Snowboarding Is Fun!"

  1. Rock on dude that's cool!

  2. wow .... i bet he never does that pose again ...

  3. cool man!

  4. Hows he gonna wipe his Ass?

  5. Is it real?? if real than great work done by that man, really great!

  6. Do you lot actually think this is real? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

  7. Obviously fake, and funny, but did anyone else notice he's drinking from his catheter is going from a urine receptacle (used for travel not for a hospital, hospitals use bags like IV bags) to his mouth? Even the fluid looks like dehydrated urine lol!

  8. wow nice pose dude

  9. He is one fit man

  10. HELLS YEAH, BABY !!!

  11. Is his dick poking out??

  12. Snowboarding is still definitely better than skiing.

  13. Yup...Bet this never happens again

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