Petting Zoo

Snake Petting Zoo

Child Lying On A Huge Snake

Python Petting Zoo

Kid Riding A Huge Python

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  1. It's all fun and games until some kid becomes snake food. Then they'll blame the snake and kill it.

  2. They all seem so calm. That's the amazing part.
    If I were that snake, I wouldn't be very pleased that all of these children were sitting on me.

  3. i'm scared the children are too close to the animals. who knows what will happen. if the animals have a crazy attitude. sometimes they dont know what feeling they have.

  4. i'm worried if the snake suddenly attack.. cuz snakes are cold-blooded!!! lol..anyways,,where did u take d pic.

  5. i wonder what kind of fun that is

  6. they probably have the snake smoke pot each day so it will stay chill.

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  8. Animals are unpredictable, so, it is advisable not to trust them that much. My own cats also scratch me sometimes when they are handled roughly. Snakes are wild creatures, so, be careful before you regret.

  9. I've taken care of various species of snakes for years, and believe it or not, most snakes are only aggressive when they feel threatened or you startle them. The pythons are especially calm and are often very human friendly. I have a 10 foot long python as a pet (had her for 5 years, as I adopted her from a friend who couldn't keep her anymore), and I hand feed her with no problems. She likes to be cuddled, and we are very bonded. Snakes may be cold blood by nature, but they can be loving pets, you just have to know how to handle them, and be respectful. They can even recognize "their human" by smell. Snakes are very misunderstood creatures.

  10. What a stupid attitude to play with snake.

  11. It is so dangerous to play with snake. People should be careful of how they have fun with the snakes or else may be one day the snakes may be crazy or even use people for food

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